Simagic Alpha Mini 10NM Direct Drive Long Term User Review

Great equipment is in the sim racing community. Like the Simagic Alpha Mini, a 10nm Direct Drive wheelbase that is well worth checking out.

We know that Simagic makes some great Direct Drive wheels, thankfully people in the community like to give user reviews of products, up steps the SimMagic Alpha Mini.

A 10NM affordable Direct Drive Wheelbase that needs more attention and awareness to people in the world of sim racing, as most people will only take note of other notable brands in the sim racing community.

With said brands releasing new equipment, we need to take note of all players in the game and market of sim racing equipment. Simagic has been a bit of a dark horse that people have heard of, but not many shout about!

We know that the more products that are out there creates a great harmony of choice for the consumer. So how good is the SiMagic Alpha Mini?, well, lets find out from Laurence Dusoswa as he gives his long term user review.

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Stats of the Simagic Alpha Mini

  • A Maximum Torque of 10 N/M
  • 2.4 GHz WLAN connection
  • Servo motor for the maximum smoothness possible!
  • A compact & optimised design in dimensions of 110 x 167 mm.
  • Advanced configurations via alpha manager
  • New generation of physics-based friction models for unprecedented force feedback authenticity
  • Dedicated AI (artificial intelligence) for force feedback optimisation
  • Advanced compatibility with Simagic peripherals
  • Calculate up to 40,000 force feedback frequencies per second
  • Minimum static force 0.01 N/M (for smoothness)
  • Data transmission up to 1 kilohert
  • Exclusive settings for drift and rally mode

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