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Sim Hound Sim Racing Cockpit Updated And Now Brilliant?

Following on from a recent review, Sim Hound has made Updated adjustments and changes to their Cockpit and with positive results.

With many things in life, you can create something good, but what is impressive is being open about improvement and that is exactly what Sim Hound has done with their sim racing cockpit.

Recently we had seen a review of the Sim Hound sim racing cockpit by Karl Gosling. Pointing out that the cockpit was good but needed a few adjustments to make it even better.

Now, most companies would let that criticism go over the top of their head, but not Sim Hound. You see when feedback is presented many ignore it, but with Sim Hound taking pride in what they do and their work ethics, they responded with the upgrade.

Once again we see Karl moving forward with a review of the changes, are they worth it, and has Sim Hound just done a master stroke that makes something good great?

Sim Hound are proud to offer customisation not previously available on consumer grade Sim Rigs.

Whether you choose one of our unbelievable value, motorsport inspired ‘Edition’ Rigs or select any colour from our attached chart HERE!

When you place a custom order, let us know what colour you would like for the Aluminium and what colour you would like for the Brackets, Wheel and Pedal Plates by adding a note at checkout or emailing us.

Did You know Sim Hound also offer Apparel and more?

sim hound sim racing cockpit

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