F1 2021 Podium Pass Series 2 New Livery Designs And More

F1 2021 Podium Pass series 2 featuring new livery designs, helmets, gloves and much more. Check it out today and get earning your new designs to stand out.

Do you want to look the part on track in F1 2021, does the current livery designs selection not do it for you? Well, how about these new designs to make you stand out from the others on the track.

Get ready to show off your new designs to your friends on the track.

Official notes

F1® 2021’s Podium Pass gives you the gear to look your best while racking up the race wins. Earn XP as you play and progress through the epic free tier, containing cool customization items to jazz up your avatar, team and car. Unlock liveries, helmets, gloves, and victory radio calls. Level up your look by purchasing the VIP tier with PitCoin, our in-game currency, where you’ll be rewarded with even more stunning swag as you progress.

Earn That XP

How do you rack up the rewards? Play F1® 2021! Whichever game modes you play, you’ll increase your XP and rocket through the tiers. Head to our Podium Pass challenges and you’ll earn even more XP.

You’ve got eight weeks to complete Podium Pass Series 2, so you have plenty of time to put your foot down. Don’t forget your XP and tier progress will be reset at the beginning of each Series!

What’s in Series 2? Here are some of our favourites:

Dazzle those around you with the Neon Rainbow livery, available in the VIP tier. We’ve paired this with the ‘Hydro Dipped’ suit and gloves, both of which you can find in the VIP tier, and the free tier ‘Overflow’ helmet.

‘Streamline’ your way through the field with the livery, suit (both available in the VIP tier), gloves (found in the Item Shop), alongside the ‘Fracture’ helmet, which you can also check out in the Item Shop.

Show them how ruthless you are on track with VIP livery ‘Nightshade’. Here, we’ve paired it with the ‘Indivar’ gloves and suit, both available in the free tier, and the ‘Masquerade’ helmet, which will be in the Item Shop.

Unlock the ‘Vintage’ livery in the free tier. We’ve gone back in time and paired this with the ‘History’ gloves and suit, also ready for you to uncover. The final piece here is the VIP helmet ‘Backstrap’.

Alongside liveries, suits, helmets, and gloves, you can unlock victory radio calls, so you can take the chequered flag in style. Some of this Series’ radio calls will be instantly recognizable, especially the “Woohoo yes yes yes guys, yes!” and “To whom it may concern…”, which are available for you to unlock in the VIP tier.

Podium Pass Series 2 comes to an end on  November 10, so plenty of time to rack up the race wins and level up your look.

F1 2021 Game

F1 2021 is the official video game of the 2021 Formula One and Formula 2 Championships developed by Codemasters and published by EA Sports. It is the fourteenth title in the F1 series by Codemasters and the first in the series published by Electronic Arts under its EA Sports division since F1 Career Challenge in 2003.

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