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The State Of Sim Racing And What The Future Holds

The state sim racing clarity what future holds

The state of sim racing and clarity on what the future holds for this gaming genre. Products, sponsors and more.

Every now and then I feel the need to put pen to paper with my opinionated thoughts on the state of sim racing and its future, or in this case, get typing. Whilst the work I do for supporting the community is extensive, I enjoy writing these kinds of things.

Sim racing is a force that is still raising its head in the gaming community but also in the world of motorsport.

The days of gamers being lazy recluses is a distant memory for some, but to bring clarity on this for others, I shall resume. You see years ago if you were a gamer, you were labeled with stereotypes such as “Lazy”, “Uneducated, “a recluse” and more….you get the idea.

What is important is people have a passion but also take their health seriously whilst gaming, breaks, hydration/food and time away from the screen after a period of gaming are important.

Amazing people and friends in the community amaze me with their skills, creativeness, and character building. The messages I get from some people are truly amazing and I never realized how much of an impact I had on you. It’s inspiring and a real driving force.

Now for the like minded of you out there you see where I am going with this, gaming is a mass of generations, it’s only become widely accepted in the past few years.

Now for some of you about to scream “you all a bunch of boomers and too old to game” let me clear the air for you. Gaming is that escape from reality now as it was back in the day.

The next time you see someone wearing a Commodore, Spectrum, or Atari T-shirt, give the jovial nod of thanks.

The ethos of gaming is still to compete, enjoy and escape reality, gaming for many has been a massive therapy culmination of tranquility. Ok sure you will see gaming controllers fly through the air at times, but that is just the competitive edge and passion.

Humans always want to compete, be challenged, and become great at something, sure we cannot all be NASA astronauts, but give someone that gaming streak and watch them trail blaze the scoreboard. Mr Astronaut, you can sit down now, we got this 🙂 next time you need someone to maneuver an object via a controller, call a gaming champ.

Did we mention the artistic side of our community?

The state sim racing clarity what future holds

Anyway getting to the point as those who have read the intro have fallen asleep, you can wake up now. Sim Racing is a fine example of competitive gaming. First and foremost it is in the title “Racing”.

Now before Jim saddles up on his high horse and don’s his cowboy hat calling BS, let me reassure him we still race against the clock and competitors. P.S hi Jim. Getting back to what sim racing is, it’s a culmination of various racing titles such as iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Gran Turismo and more. Now for some, it may be a case of a game you play and that’s that.

This is where the present and future of sim racing secures itself, brands such as Fanatec, Logitech, Thrustmaster and more all make peripherals for sim racing, you want a wheel, pedals and more you got it. These brands are releasing new and innovative equipment, if sim racing was falling at the verge, do you think these markets would be releasing new equipment?

Take a look at the main sponsors of the GT world challenge championship, Fanatec, look at how some racing drivers practice on simulators (ok it does not fully replicate their race car, but gives good indicative results) Look at it like making a recipe from the cookbook, you follow each step but it does not turn out the same….but its still a Ceasar salad!

The diversity of sim racing allows you to race on consoles, PC and even mobile.

Brands such as GT OMEGA, Sim Lab, RaceAnywhere and more also supply rigs/cockpits/stands and more to attach your newly acquired gear too. Add this together with the growing community of racers, creators/streamers and competitive eSports racers and you can see we are not just a bunch of layabouts.

We are that competitive stereotype of people who are the driving force behind sim racing, sure the studios make the games, but people power is the victor here. This is also the fine line I wish to mention as well, whilst there are great content creators out there we must be careful on what is true representation and not just gimmick clickbait.

Content creators and influencers MUST protect the future of sim racing with honest opinions, reviews and more, it is a responsibility. The last thing we need is falsification, if that happens kiss everything goodbye.

How about Formula 1 drivers? Yes, they sim race too!

The state sim racing clarity what future holds

You see, sim racing has a future that will never end, those that race or drive for fun will keep this genre alive. Racing is our passion, just like our passion for Formula 1, MotoGP, heck even horse racing and more. Racing always has and always will be a factor of the human race. Sim Racing is just another part of the equation that will cement itself into the racing history books.

Is there more we can mention and talk about? Sure but we have plenty of time to discuss that

Gaming Pics are from friends and members of the simrace247 community



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