IRG World Formula 2021 Monza rFactor 2 12/09/21

IRG World Formula 2021 continues in rFactor 2. This great racing league provides pure racing action. Tune in or join the next event at Monza on 12/09/21.

IRG World continues with their Formula 2021 race car for the Italian GP at Monza in rFactor 2. Tune in live for the event this weekend via the MotoGamesTV links provided.

As usual, IRG World likes to give an introduction and build up to the race weekend.

Race of Monza – IRG Advance Formula 2021

La Pizza Magica – a visit to the magical land of real Italian pizza and racing.
After the shortest (and at the same time the longest) race at Spa Belgium, we go to the magical Italian land of pizza and racing, where in the vicinity of Milan, in a green park, there is the legendary Monza track. “La pista magica”.

The Italian temple of speed was built in 1922 near Milan, originally it was about 10 km long and also had an oval part, which was withdrawn from use in the 1960s. Currently, the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza track consists of 11 turns and is exactly 5793 m long.

We start the lap of the track with the exit from the long Curva Parabolica turn / U-turn, then we enter the start-finish straight to finally get the maximum speed of over 350 km / h. Huge overloads when braking before the first Variante del Rettifilio chicane can cause problems for many drivers.

On the narrow exit, quickly press the gas and along the fast curve of Curva Biassono or Curva Grande, we rush to the Variante della Roggia chicane. Reduction, quick course change and we are already in the second sector, where two right-hand “slow” Lesmo turns are waiting for us.

The second Lesmo 2 corner with a bump at the top can be difficult. Once again I am accelerating on the long straight curve with Curva del Serraglio, we activate the DRS system and we reach the third sector with the famous combination of left-right-left turns known as Variante Ascari.

After another straight, we again fall into Curva Alboreto (formerly Parabolica) and start the fight for time on the next lap. In total, we are driving at full throttle for almost 80% of the circuit lap.

The car components will get a hard time: the suspension keeps bouncing on the high grates of the chicanes and the engine and brakes can crash in the final straight race.

The low wings necessary for high speeds can be a problem in chicanery and braking, so it won’t be easy to find the perfect compromise.

Key turn – T11 Curva Alboreto (formerly Parabolica)

The cars arrive at the right bend at speeds exceeding 320 km / h and the competitors try to hit the bend at once, so as to open the gas again as early as possible, leaving the longest straight start-finish line.

There was also a lot of emotions during the last round – but what happened at Spa, stays at Spa 😉 See the replay of the race at this link:

In the general classification, Paweł Mrówka is in the lead again – 311 points. above the second Wojciech Klimek – 228 points and the third Łukasz Ladmann – 162 points,

In the competition of the teams in the lead, the status quo was also preserved: Infinity Racing Team – 333 points. before DS Speed SimRacing Team – 314 points and Old Bones – 244 points

Full classifications can be checked at this link: irg world standings

After a short flashback of another wet thriller straight from the green Ardennes, we move to the warmer surroundings of sunny Milan. We don’t know what for you, but for us, the season would simply be incomplete without the popular Monza.

A unique track, loved by both drivers and fans (native Italian Tifosi can sometimes get under the skin of their rivals, if the race goes not according to their wishes).

We hope that all our players will manage to prepare a compromise package for Monze and, wishing you luck in Sunday’s competition, we encourage you to train on the league servers (IRG_F2021 # 1, IRG_F2021 # 2).

As well as participate in the Saturday test race to check the settings, strategies, and the possibility of obtaining a starter license (for new participants).

Always up-to-date statistics can be found here:
Hot lap classification: hot lap
Stint classification (10 laps): stints

La Pista Magica – this is not only a popular slogan, it is still a living legend of the magical Monza, which is still waiting for new heroes.

Tune into the race live:

We’ll find out who can do this best next Sunday. We already invite all sim racing fans (and not only) to a live coverage on the MotoGamesTv channel – start at 21:00:

Thanks to the Restream service, the broadcast will also be available on our new channels: IRG Twitch, IRG DLive.
The media partners of the event are: MotoGamesTv, SpeedZonePL,, Simrace247

GP in numbers:

  • Track: Autodromo Nazionale di Monza
  • Loop length: 5793 m
  • Race distance: FL + 53 laps
  • Number of turns: 11 (4 left, 7 right)
  • Number of brakes: 6 (3 strong)
  • Distance from PP to T1: 380 m
  • Longest Straight: 1,120 km
  • Level difference: 12.80 m
  • The length of the pit lane: 419 m
  • Drive on pit lane: approx. 19 sec
  • Top speed: approx. 355 km / h
  • Average speed: approx. 255 km / h
  • Full throttle: approx. 77% of the lap
  • Key turn: T11 Curva Alboreto (formerly Parabolica)
  • The greatest overload: 3.8 G
  • Press force: low
  • Grip: longitudinal
  • Tire wear: moderate
  • Brake wear: high
  • Engine wear: high
  • Fuel consumption: approx. 2.08 kg / year (average season 1.86 kg / year)
  • Fuel load effect: approx. 0.27 s / 10 kg (average in the season 0.28 s / 10 kg)
  • Cooling level: low
  • Estimated number of pit stops: 1/2
  • Gear Shift: Wed. 48 / round

More data and track characteristics:

Plan weekend / Race Weekend:

  • Sunday – UTC + 1 time of the schedule (21:00 in Warsaw, Berlin)
  • 20:00 Practice session
  • 21:00 Qualify 1 (15 minutes)
  • 21:15 Qualify 2 (10 minutes)
  • 21:30 Warmup (5-10 minutes)
  • 21:35 (21:40) Official race
  • 23:00 Weekend finish
  • UTC + 1 time of the schedule

Pre-race limit: 40 laps or 10-lap stint on league serves.

Servers / Servers:

  • IRG_F2021 # 1 (league, open 24/7)
  • IRG_F2021 # 2 (public, open 24/7)

More info / More info:

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Race against a field of AI cars, or in multi-player mode against others. rFactor 2 supports a full day-night cycle as well as dynamically varying weather conditions such as rain which dynamically builds into puddles. Tracks feature “real-road” technology that changes the grip as more cars drive on it. You can run full 24 hour endurance events and in multi-player mode, driver swaps are also supported. Everything can be customized by the community, including adding new tracks and cars, and a wealth of add-ons are available on-line.Working with several partners, rFactor 2 has been used in hundreds of esport championships all over the world – in particular McLaren’s World’s Fastest Gamer and Formula E.

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