Classic Motorsport Hub GP2 Bahrain rFactor Race 12/09/21

Classic Motorsport Hub GP2 Bahrain rFactor Race 12/09/21

Tune in or even join the Classic Motorsport Hub GP2 race at Bahrain in rFactor. Open wheel powerhouses of a by gone era are firing up in the pits!

Grab your chance to watch or even race in the GP2 race at Bahrain in rFactor. Classic Motorsport Hub likes to race vintage and classic cars from the historic past.

Recognizing that racing is not just a modern era genre, CMH put a lot of time and effort into selecting the different races and cars.

Bringing some classic open wheel powerhouses to the forefront of this event will surely be a great test of skill and determination for those involved.

CMH Official build up to the event

Round 8 of the 2021 CMH Gold Star leads the drivers to the exotic Bahrain International Circuit for some action in 2005 GP2 cars. Identical Dallara GP2/05 cars with 600 HP and modern-ish technology – after such a long time in the 20th century, who’ll be able to handle the new cars best?

The event will feature a 34-lap feature race, with its top-8 results reversed will determine the grid for the 24-lap Sprint Race.

About the cars and series

2005 was the first season of the new GP2 Series, replacing the International Formula 3000 Championship, which had been running for the past twenty years at that point. The new GP2 car was the Dallara GP2/05, which replaced the Lola B02/50.

Powering the new Dallara was a 4-liter Renault-badged Mecachrome engine, outputting 600 bhp, quite an upgrade over the Lola, which housed a 3-Liter Zytek-Judd V8 with a peak output of 520 bhp in its final year.

As Tyre supplier, Bridgestone replaced Avon for 2005

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About the CMH Gold Star:

The annual CMH Gold Star is an open championship held during the entire year by Classic Motorsport Hub. While other series use a certain type of car, the Gold Star Events use all kinds of cars, from Formula cars to Touring Cars, to Rally Cars. The best overall driver in all categories will be crowned the champion at the end of the racing season.

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About rFactor

rFactor is a realistic easily extendable racing simulation from Image Space Incorporated. It offers the latest in vehicle and race customization, great graphics, outstanding multiplayer, and the height of racing realism.

rFactor features mixed class road racing with ultra realistic dynamics, an immersive sound environment and stunning graphics.

rFactor Simulations

You can race against a field of AI cars, or in multi-player mode against others. The simulation supports a full day-night cycle. In multi-player mode, driver swaps are also supported, allowing you to run even full 24 hour endurance events. Everything can be customized by the community, including adding new tracks and cars, and a wealth of add-ons are available on-line.

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