Free Legends Mod Pack for rFactor & Automobilista

Check out this free upcoming car mod pack WIP for rFactor and Automobilista. Featuring legends from the Group 5 era 1977-1981.

The mod community for rFactor and Automobilista have some great legends coming your way for free with this great pack. Introducing great cars such as the Porsche 935, BMW 320, Ford Escort and possibly more heading your way.

Created by: Classic Motorsport Hub
Grand Touring Group 5 1977-1981 (WIP) The true full simulation of the Group 5 era to racing games. The biggest historic mod project since GTPC!

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Upcoming Free Legends Mod Pack for rFactor & Automobilista

From the works of:
DRM Modding Team
Virtua LM Junior team
Absolute Modding Team
Brickyard Legends Team
International Simracing Organisation

Bringing legends such as Porsche 935s, BMW 320s, Ford Escorts to life! Coming soon to rFactor and Automobilsta (FOR FREE) by 2022.

CMH’s upcoming and first ever in house developed mod, Grand Touring Group 5, which documents the entire era of sportscar motorsport using the Group 5 regulations from 1977-1981 in the DRM (Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft) using historic physics, race by race configurations, teams and drivers.

Over 200+ teams, a compilation of over 5 years of the craziest era in motorsport! Over 1 year in development by our team!

Classic Motorsport Hub Official

Classic Motorsport Hub is a sim-racing league and community using rFactor 1.

Created in late 2020, Classic Motorsport Hub aims to recreate historic racing seasons with a focus on authentic racing. Well mannered behavior on track as well as off-track, and, obviously, fun during the whole ordeal!

However, we obviously expect a certain standard of driving from our drivers, as there’s no fun in getting punted off every second turn.

CMH is a league partner with Classic Motorsport Hub