Women in sim racing continues with our weekly blogs here at simrace247.com. Yvonne Van Den Berg brings us up to speed with blog #27.

Women in sim racing continues with all the events and races from Yvonne Van den Berg and her weekly blogs. We have enjoyed all the events and journey with Yvonne here at simrace247.com.

Welcome to my twenty seventh weekly blog!!

Sprint Cup
On 26-08-2021, was The Sim Grid Sprint Cup Round 4 at the Nürburgring. I didn’t had much time to practice, in the afternoon I was at the archery range together with Sarah and Sophie!

We had a great afternoon, after a long time I shot some arrows and that felt great! See my first slow motion video. When we got at Sarah’s place, I used her rig for the Sprint Cup.

I drive together with Alethea Boucq and we drove already before at the Nürburgring for the 12 Hours Against Dementia! I asked if Alethea can drive, the qualifying and first stint.

I was already very tired and I’m not very good with other equipment then I have at home, because of my handicap. She drove a good last lap in qualifying and a very good first stint, we were P14 when she came in for the mandatory pit stop and driver swap. Unfortunately, when I drove out of the pitlane, I had no force feedback.

I could go in and give the car back to Alethea, but I didn’t want to that because we are losing a lot of time and places. I drove 45 minutes, without force feedback and trying to get the best out of it.

Unfortunately, we lost a lot of places and ended up P 24. It was a bit sad, a good result was possible for us.

women sim racing

Theamusante Wavy World Tour
Round 5 of the Theamusante Wavy World Tour, is on Friday evening 03-09-2021, 90 minutes at Monza. We are currently at place 4 in the championship and with a good result a lot is possible to get maybe in the top 3!!

I drive together with Sophie Aeronwen, I have no time to practice, but luckily I drove already a lot at Monza with Bernadette!

RCI Endurance World Challenge
Sophie Aeronwen and I are going to drive a new Endurance championship. Round 1 from the RCI Endurance World Challenge, start with 6 hour race at Imola. We are driving with Bernadette (the Bentley). With the races we’ve got, Bernadette is a good choice.

women sim racing

Championship Dates
04-09-2021: 6 Hours at Imola
02-10-2021: 12 Hours at Donington
06-11-2021: 6 Hours at Misano
04-12-2021: 12 Hours at Bathurst
08-01-2022: 6 Hours at Monza

I’m really looking forward to this championship and especially the 6 hours of Misano!! It’s going to be a lot of fun and hopefully we can go for a win!

End of holiday
I had an amazing holiday, I spent a lot of time with Sophie, Sarah and Alethea. It was a lot of fun, it was nice to meet the ladies in real life. Before I talked with the ladies every day, but didn’t saw them in real life. I had a very good time in the UK and I’m going to miss it!

Upcoming races

03-09-2021: Theamusante Wavy world Tour Round 5
90 minutes @ Monza
04-09-2021: RCI Endurance World Challenge Round 1 :
6 Hours @ Imola
09-09-2021: The Sim Grid Sprint Cup Round 5 :
90 minutes @ Zandvoort

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