Pro League Racing Porsche 911 GT3 (992) Championship iRacing

Pro League Racing has their new season of the Porsche Cup championship in iRacing coming soon. Featuring the new 911 GT3 (992) Cup car. Sign up and get involved.

The new and exciting Porsche 911 GT3 (992) cup car is making its way to the Pro League Racing Series in iRacing. Featuring a great championship ready and lined up, book your spot today and be part of this great series.

Welcome to PLR’s Porsche Cup Championship, hosted on iRacing!

Season 1 of the Porsche 911 League is soon to begin, featuring the New Porsche 911 GT3 (992) Cup car.

What day and time are the events?

Race nights will be Tuesday’s @ 19:30 UK time (BST), with qualifying commencing at 20:00 for a 10 min open qualifying session.

When does the championship start?

The first race of the season will start in the second week of iracings 2021 S4 and will run for 7 weeks.

The race calendar will consist of 5 tracks from the official iRacing Porsche Cup schedule, along with 2 ‘free’ tracks (TBD)

What is the championship format?

The Championship will consist of the following format:

Practice: 30mins (Optional)
Qualifying: 10mins
Race: 45 mins – (Grid based on Qualifying, mandatory stop)

How do I register?

You can register by first joining the Pro league Racing Discord, where the admin team will be happy to assist you. Mention your interest in this or any other races.

Visit the PLR Community Discord: Pro League Racing (

Here is what some drivers had to say about PLR.

Chris Rize
“Two great commentated streams and two splits run simultaneously for a unique new series highlighting the lower classes. Some of the bigger organisations struggle to pull this off..”

“Hats off to Craig Sweeney and David Cooke for shouldering the load and all the other Admins that help organise and keep things running on time and professional. Keep up the good work, PLR has a bright future”.

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