Classic IndyCar Series iRacing Chicagoland 05/09/21

Classic IndyCar Series iRacing Chicagoland 05/09/21

Chicagoland is the next destination for the Classic IndyCar Series in iRacing. With the drivers awaiting the next race, tensions are rising. Tune in on 05/09/21.

The Classic IndyCar Series is heading to its next event at Chicagoland in iRacing. So far in the season, we have seen impressive driving from many in the league.

But as the old saying goes “the cream always rises to the top”. A saying that states the greatest shall prevail against all odds.

That is exactly what we are seeing in the later stages of the season, however, some drivers in the field have proven they are worthy of moving forward for the future in the series.

Tune in live via the feed below for the race to see one of the greatest racing series in iRacing take place.

With Lionheart Racing Series sponsoring the event (another great league) we have a quote “The Lionheart Racing Series competes across 3 eras of open wheel racing while honoring the spirit of the late Dan Wheldon. Competition. Commitment. Excitement. This is Lionheart.“

Defending champion Lucas Laville is host to the build up of this event.

The 2018 race here was dominated by the Aero-X trio of Randy Crossno, Randy Shewmake and most of all Matt Cooke, where they combined to lead 182 of the 200 lap event.

This year, neither Cooke nor Crossno are scheduled to participate in the race, thus it will be interesting to see if the team can still produce such a performance. Only a few other drivers were able to keep pace with them all day, like Joshua Chin or Henry Bennett.

Iconic Motorsports will likely want to keep their good performances going, while Team Chimera and Vortex need to keep the speed up to maintain pressure at the top of the standings.

If the results from this year’s race at Kansas Speedway can give us some kind of help to predict what could happen, we can expect a lot of different drivers and teams to shuffle through the pack during the race.

Weather will play an important factor as well, as temperature swings could dictate grip level changes and which cars move forward at any point of the event.
Everything is still to play for this season.

Championship front runner Ethan Agan’s lead is very slim against defending series champion Lucas Laville. However, Joshua Chin has all the momentum in the world after an absolute masterclass in the previous round at Sonoma, and he should be a force along with his teammates for this race.

After the win, he managed to climb back up to third in the standings, 48 points back.

Behind the leading trio, 4 drivers sit within 32 points of each other, and are still technically within striking distance of the podium. Willi Schwabauer (- 69) is having an impressive rookie season but still has not won a race.

This race can be a good chance for him to capture his maiden win. His team Iconic Motorsports has been very strong on ovals this year, and he himself had a very good shot to win the previous oval race in Michigan.

Robert Grosser in 5th place (- 87) is not having his strongest season but is quietly still in the mix, and is looking to get his first W of the year. Andrew Wood (- 95), Jan Hoffmann (- 97), and Marshall Stanley (- 101) are very close with each other and can still do some damage late in the season if they manage to chain strong results.

Tune in live to the race

A fuel stint will be around 56-57 laps so we have to see how fuel strategy will further spice up things. Tune in for the live coverage on Sunday 5th, 19:00 GMT on Racespot TV!  The race will also be re-aired on ESTV exactly one week later.

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