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Sim Hound A Great Value Sim Racing Cockpit?–A376GKlA

We see many manufacturers making sim racing equipment. How will the sim hound cockpit fair in this competitive market? At a decent price point, are all boxes ticked?

Is the Sim Hound cockpit worth you buying or adding to your competitive list when choosing your next sim racing cockpit? We know the sim hound is a very decent priced aluminum profile rig, at this point of the article it is £295.

Now for some, an eyebrow may have been raised and that grabbed your attention, however before jumping two feet first check out this video by Karl Gosling talking about and testing this rig.

With all reviews, they should be seen as reference of that person’s opinion, call it subjective if you will, but ultimately, you should make your own mind up.

Sim Hound A Great Value Sim Racing Cockpit?
  • Using the stiffness and adjustability of Aluminium Profile combined with expertly engineered mounting plates and brackets, the Sim Hound Chassis offers the highest quality at an unbelievable price.


  • Using 30 x 60 Aluminium Profile offers rigidity with value not previously seen in sim racing. We add strength where it matters using thick cold rolled steel strengthening plates and brackets.
  • To Reduce wheel arm flex we have used a total of 12mm of cold rolled steel (6mm per side)
  • The pedal plate is a one piece construction, 4mm Steel Plate.
  • The Sim Hound Sim Rig is compatible with the following Wheel and Pedals:
  • Fanatec – All Wheel and Pedal Sets
  • Thrustmaster – All Wheel and Pedal Sets That Have Hard Mounting Points
  • Logitech – G29, G920, G923
  • Heusinkveld Sprint and Ultimate Pedals
Please note:
‘Scooby’ Edition in stock and available for immediate dispatch!!
All other rigs are currently on a 5 week lead time on this product due to popularity and material availability.
Tax included for UK Customers Only
European Shipping Now Available!!
Please Note European Tax Is Not Included.
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