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Thrustmaster Official T248 Hybrid Drive Release Video

Here we get to see the official release video of the new Thrustmaster T248 hybrid drive wheel in all of its glory.

Officially welcoming Thrustmaster’s next generation hybrid drive wheel officially licensed for PS5™ and PS4™ consoles & Compatible with PC, The T248.

With Thrustmaster stepping up with new equipment coming out, it is welcoming to see new equipment coming out to keep the market healthy and competitive.

Available Oct. 21 in Europe/ North America Rest of the world: Late 2021

To view and purchase more equipment from Thrustmaster visit: Thrustmaster

Thrustmaster Official T248 Hybrid Drive

Rennes, August 31, 2021 — Thrustmaster is thrilled to finally lift the veil of secrecy surrounding its first next-generation hybrid racing wheel, the T248, specifically designed to master all types of tracks.

The new optimized HYBRID DRIVE system combines belt and gear mechanisms for unrivaled Force Feedback at an affordable price. The T248 also boasts increased power: it is 70% more powerful**, while offering cutting-edge new features including three Force Feedback presets that can conveniently be changed on the fly.

The T248 has been designed for racing gamers looking to upgrade from their gamepad and take advantage of industry leading performance and immersion, as well as those who want to take their racing game to the next level having started out with a wheel aimed at beginners. This brand-new racing wheel is officially licensed for PlayStation®5 consoles and PlayStation®4 consoles and is compatible with PC*.

Thrustmaster Official T248 Hybrid Drive

The new master of each track

The T248 allows for quick and efficient mastery in all racing games, thanks to the wide variety of advanced features developed exclusively for this new cutting-edge powerhouse:

  • Thrustmaster Race Dashboard Display:

Choose from more than 20 different displays*** available onscreen:

–      Manual adjustment of a range of settings: the wheel’s rotation angle, Force Feedback type, etc.

–      The user’s choice of telemetry displays: gear ratio, speed, number of laps, driver’s position, best time, etc.

  • Dynamic Force Feedback:

Users can easily adjust the level of Force Feedback on the fly, thanks to the screen as well. The T248 features three Force Feedback curves (presets included) compatible with all games:

o   FFB 1: linear Force Feedback, with the force felt by the user being 100% proportional to the force requested by the game.

o   FFB 2: enhanced Force Feedback, for better skid control.

o   FFB 3: boosted Force Feedback, allowing users to clearly feel all racing effects from the track (rumble strips, skidding off-track, etc.).

Thrustmaster Official T248 Hybrid Drive

  • Next-generation Thrustmaster HYBRID DRIVE system:

The T248 is currently the only racing wheel in its price range to feature a belt as an integral part of its unique, high-performance mechanism. Allowing gamers to enjoy increased power (up to 70% more powerful**), T248 masters each track thanks to the outstanding level of drivability made possible by this hybrid system, avoiding counterintuitive sensations and friction problems commonly found in racing wheels without a belt drive component.


  • H.E.A.R.T magnetic technology (with Hall effect sensors):

Built into two key components directly linked to gameplay, this technology helps to enhance gamers’ precision in all games, while eliminating any possible dead zones.

–          The magnetic paddle shifters included with T248 allow for super-fast gear shifting, with clear and precise activation feel (30 ms response time) to avoid driving errors. This contactless magnetic technology also maximizes the paddle shifters’ lifespan, for problem-free gaming sessions over the long term.

–          The brand-new included T3PM pedal set also features the same proprietary, patented H.E.A.R.T magnetic technology.

Providing truly exceptional, thousandth-of-a-second precision, T3PM features 4 different spring configurations allowing gamers to race comfortably — and with the same level of precision — no matter what type of setup they’re using (desk/table, cockpit, or Wheel Stands). With completely smooth motion and avoiding the loss of precision over time experienced by standard potentiometer-based pedal sets, T3PM represents a huge, striking leap forward both in terms of versatility and in-game responsiveness.

  • Up to 25 action buttons: nearly twice as many as on previous Thrustmaster hybrid racing wheel models**.
  • Officially licensed for PS5™ and PS4™ consoles, and compatible with PC*: recognised as a next-generation racing wheel developed and designed for the PlayStation®5 console and PlayStation®4 console, T248 is also compatible with PC*


Thrustmaster: a distinguished video gaming tradition

For over thirty years, Thrustmaster has been developing high-tech video game accessories designed to satisfy and entertain all types of gamers.

Drawing on its know-how and technological expertise, Thrustmaster develops products—flight simulation peripherals, headsets, and controllers—designed to offer extremely accurate gameplay, providing a completely immersive experience with optimal realism across numerous platforms.

Thrustmaster takes pride in its core values, “Passion, Quality and Innovation”, and constantly strives to improve the realism and immersiveness in legendary game worlds by offering thrilling and truly exceptional experiences. From video game enthusiasts to casual gamers, Thrustmaster accessories for PC and gaming consoles bring everyone’s dreams to life.

To view and purchase more equipment from Thrustmaster visit: Thrustmaster


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