IROC Live rFactor League Every Week

IROC Live is a rFactor based league that hosts weekly races based on the International Race of Champions between 1973-2007. Check them out and sign up.

We do like our variety of sim racing here at, IROC live is a series based in rFactor that brings back the days of great stateside racing.

With weekly races and a great variety of vehicles, Matthew Oboyski has brought together an interesting league, be sure to check them out and sign up.

What is IROC Live?

IROC Live is a USA based weekly racing league held on rFactor every Sunday at 14:30 UTC. Events are typically under an hour from start to finish.

IROC Live is based on and inspired by the International Race of Champions that took place between 1973-2007. The idea of what would happen if the best drivers from around the world battled in identically prepared machines.

The purest test of driver skill. Who would come out as the reigning champion?

IROC Live takes place on oval as well as road courses all over the USA. We change between the IROC cars every season. Each season consists of 9 events.

Here at IROC Live, we understand that it’s very hard to attend every event, therefore only your top 6 of 9 events in a season will count towards your final standings. This means you will still have a chance at the championship even if you miss 3 of 9 events!

To keep the authenticity of the IROC, the only assists allowed are auto shift/auto clutch. Also true to IROC, the cars come pre-setup as all cars were prepared by one team of mechanics in the IROC.

IROC Live is its own mod. We offer a standalone install that will allow anyone with a PC to join the fun! We currently have 3 completed cars with custom livery templates available for each. IROC Live is under constant development and improvement.

Hope to see you on the track here at IROC Live!

To sign up and join this series visit: