Free Simhub Dash Displays For Assetto Corsa iRacing & More

Free Simhub Dash Displays Assetto Corsa iRacing

Check out these free simhub dash overlays from Race Sim Studio. Great creations that can be used for Assetto Corsa, iRacing and more

At times you do not have the time to sort out a dash display, well, thanks to Race Sim Studio they have created some free dash overlays that can be used in simhub for Assetto Corsa, iRacing and more.

Simhub is a free app that can help with many things like dash displays. Working with titles such as Assetto Corsa, iRacing, Project Cars series, Automobilista series and the rFactor series.

To grab simhub visit:

The free dash displays can be found here: RSS Dashboards and Overlays for SimHub

Why have a dash display?

The great thing about sim racing is you can tailor what works right for you. Sometimes setting FOV can cut out the display of your in game dash for the car you are driving.

Having custom software such as simhub can be a great tool that gets everything just right for your on screen displays and UI.

RSS Official Notes

SimHub is an application used to show dashboards on your monitors or suitable digital display units. It is modular and widely compatible with many games including Assetto Corsa, Automobilista, iRacing, rFactor, Project Cars and many more!

This download package contains the following:


  • Formula Hybrid 2017 with RSS logo idle screen


  • Formula Hybrid 2017
  • Formula Hybrid Precision Sim Engineering
  • Formula RSS 2 V8 2017
  • Formula RSS 2 V6 2018
  • Formula RSS 4

About Race Sim Studio

Race Sim Studio is a is a global 3D organization committed to providing the best possible vehicles for racing simulators.

Officially launched in 2017, the RSS team are specialists in automotive 3D, physics, and sound design with decades of combined experience in all things (mostly) 4-wheels!

In between our usual daily projects for a variety of companies in the world of digital content and motorsport, our store right here holds some of our best examples of racing cars our experience can bring.


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