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F1 2021 eSports Driver Using This Cheats Engine?

We are seeing a developing story of an F1 2021 League Racing esports racer being accused of cheating. Are they using this cheats engine?

F1 League Racing Esports has seen a story or accusation of a driver using a cheats system in Formula 1 2021 esports series.

We are talking the highest level here where teams are sponsored by Formula 1 teams and huge sponsors.

Without concrete evidence of the user using a cheat engine, drivers and others had observed odd behavior of how a driver’s car was so dominant.

Sector times were too consistent every time with impossible times, fuel usage was hardly being used and tire wear was almost non existant.

The above and below pic was from a racer on social media who had seen strange activity.

We know there are great racers in the esports series, but this one seemed very off and peculiar.

If the driver accused is innocent and wishes to approach us to plead their innocence, we would be happy to hear from them and express their opinion to the community.

Also, we respect the privacy of the person/people who noticed the strange situation.

For the time being the driver in question of cheating shall remain anonymous here on this site due to the person being possibly innocent.

This image shows how people can increase the users or opponents abilities/stats 

F1 2021 Game

F1 2021 is the official video game of the 2021 Formula One and Formula 2 Championships developed by Codemasters and published by EA Sports. It is the fourteenth title in the F1 series by Codemasters and the first in the series published by Electronic Arts under its EA Sports division since F1 Career Challenge in 2003.

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Darren Buckner

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