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New Thrustmaster Tech And Gear Coming 2021

New Thrustmaster tech and gear is incoming in 2021, with the market making moves for new equipment, Thrustmaster has spoken.

With Fanatec releasing new sim racing equipment, all eyes turned to Thrustmaster. Now they have spoken. Ensuring that their community does not get left behind, a tweet was released with new hardware lined up for 2021.

Many had been waiting for the response from Thrustmaster, they are still in the game and not shying away from the competition.

This is great for sim racers and gamers alike as competition from companies brings great products for us to buy. The last thing we want to see is a one make or brand market.

Will this bring down the prices of other manufacturer’s equipment, or will they stick to their guns and not budge, either way people have been wanting to buy new sim racing equipment.

Stay tuned for updates, prices tech and more right here at

To view and purchase more equipment from Thrustmaster visit: Thrustmaster

Thrustmaster: a distinguished video gaming tradition

For over thirty years, Thrustmaster has been developing high-tech video game accessories designed to satisfy and entertain all types of gamers.

Drawing on its know-how and technological expertise, Thrustmaster develops products—flight simulation peripherals, headsets, and controllers—designed to offer extremely accurate gameplay, providing a completely immersive experience with optimal realism across numerous platforms.

Thrustmaster takes pride in its core values, “Passion, Quality and Innovation”, and constantly strives to improve the realism and immersiveness in legendary game worlds by offering thrilling and truly exceptional experiences. From video game enthusiasts to casual gamers, Thrustmaster accessories for PC and gaming consoles bring everyone’s dreams to life.

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