Classic IndyCar Series Ready For Sonoma iRacing 22/08/21

Classic IndyCar Series Ready For Sonoma iRacing 22/08/21The Classic IndyCar series is geared up and ready for its race at Sonoma in iRacing. Tune in to the great series as the race to be champion is on. 22/08/21

With the series building tension, the Classic IndyCar Series is set and ready for another battle royale race at Sonoma in iRacing. Sim racing series do not get much better than this.

When you look at the quality of drivers involved, you can be sure of fast and furious racing. As the season is on the back straight and closing fast for the finale, Sonoma is the next venue with just a few races left in the season.

Defending champion Lucas Laville has been very calculated with his approach in this season, knowing that every point matters more than risky maneuvers that could end with nothing. Champions are more than just winners, every calculated moment is done with adapting to change.

As with all the other drivers in the series we have seen some shock wins and “above and beyond” drives from those competing.

Founder of CIS and racer Robert Grosser has all the official build up to the event.

Classic Indycar Series returns to Sonoma Raceway for the first time since 2017. This track is one of the most challenging ones, as it almost feels like a roller coaster. In 2017, Claudius Wied celebrated a dominating victory ahead of Robert Grosser, who took the chance to score big points, while point leader Lucas Laville had to miss that race.

Now it is 2021 and Lucas Laville (Vortex Simracing) is again leading the points standings. And again another driver is giving him a run for his money, that is Ethan Agan (SRC). Practice showed that both drivers will be running upfront during the 80-laps race.

But there are more drivers to be considered: Joshua Chin (Team Chimera) is probably the big favorite as long as he can overcome his misfortune! Willi Schwabauer (Iconic Motorsports) also showed good pace in practice and then there is series debutant Julien Altena (Velocity Online Racing) who seems to be right there in the mix!

Expected hot temperatures and a resulting lack of grip will make all drivers working hard to score a good result, as there is almost no chance to relax on this very demanding race track.

A fuel stint will be around 30 laps so we have to see how fuel strategy will further spice up things. Round 8 will conclude 2/3 of the 2021 season and the heat is literally building up. Tune in for the live coverage on Sunday 22nd, 18:00 GMT on Racespot TV!  The race will also be re-aired on ESTV exactly one week later.

To view the race live tune into the feed provided

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