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Women In Sim Racing Yvonne Van Den Berg Blog #25

Women In Sim Racing Yvonne Van Den Berg Blog #25

Women in sim racing continues with our weekly blogs here at Yvonne Van Den Berg brings us up to speed with blog #25.

Women in sim racing continues with all the events and races from Yvonne Van den Berg and her weekly blogs. We have enjoyed all the events and journey with Yvonne here at

Welcome to my twenty-five weekly blog.

My birthday race on 11-08-2021 was the RDC Wrong side of the multiclass, 90 minutes at Barcelona. We could choose between Bernadette (Bentley) and Ginetta. Of course, I choose to drive with Bernadette.

I didn’t have time to practice before the race. Luckily, Sophie Aeronwen saved me with a setup and tire pressure. I qualified on P10, which wasn’t too bad because I expected a lot worse.

With the more time I drove in the race, I was getting faster each lap! I drove around P6 for a time. Unfortunately, I lost it in the pitlane and finished at P8. Still very happy with the result, it was a nice and clean race!


Pro League Racing
Round 6 of the World Tour, was very wet! On Monday 16-08-2021, was the sixth round 90 minutes at Spa Francorchamps.
I knew it was going to be very tough.. I needed to score points for the championship, but it wasn’t going easy.
I practiced a lot before but didn’t get the setup right and my lap times weren’t very good.

My qualifying wasn’t good (as I expected) and I started from P15. I knew everything was possible because of the very wet conditions. I had a good and safe start, could pass some drivers and we drove in a little train. Driving behind each other in the rain is very tough, because of the spray.

Unfortunately, a driver in front of me was breaking very early, to avoid him I hit a kerbstone before the chicane. I spun and I ended up P28. Luckily there was still 1 hour and 20 minutes to go.. I kept driving and knew that there was coming to a mandatory pitstop.

When I was behind a lot of cars, which was difficult to pass. I decided to pit a lot earlier and take some more fuel. I knew my pace was better than that group and the undercut worked! I was very happy with that and with some consistent and clean driving for more than an hour, I ended up P10. My goal was top 10 because my pace wasn’t good enough to win.


With the trouble I had in the first part of the race, it was a good comeback!!
On Monday 23-08-2021, is round 7 of the World Tour at Bathurst. It’s going to be a tough race in the mountain. I’m currently P5 in the standings and P4 in the pro class.

It’s already a lot better than I expected before the season started and I hope to go for a top 4 in the overall championship. I can get P3, but then I need to score a lot of points and the other driver 26 points less. Well.., it is the mountain and everything can happen!

Discord and streaming
I started my own discord channel, something I never did before. I like to talk to all of you, I do that on my stream but also on discord. It’s fun to get to know each other better.
I share there also my blogs, streams, and YouTube videos.

Upcoming races:

19-08-2021: 1 Year Anniversary MFR, 45 minutes @ Nürburgring with a GT4 car.
23-08-2021: Pro League Racing; World Tour S6 Round 7, 1 hour @ Bathurst
26-08-2021: The Sim Grid Sprint Cup Round 4, 90 minutes @ Nürburgring

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Darren Buckner

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