Classic Motorsport Hub Historical rFactor 1 League


Classic Motorsport Hub is a racing community that focuses on rFactor 1 and historical racing series.

Sim racing applies to every single sim racing title in the genre, welcoming Classic Motorsport Hub to as a league partner with their historical rFactor 1 events.

rFactor 1 is still providing great racing in the communities and Classic Motorsport Hub recognizes this. Whilst these events are not for the faint hearted, they replicate the great racing of bygone eras in motorsport and a challenge to the greatest of racers.

Whether it’s hustling around a 1970’s race car, nostalgic formula racing and other historical cars, Classic Motorsport Hub is there to join, view, or even race in.

Classic Motorsport Hub Official

Classic Motorsport Hub is a sim-racing league and community using rFactor 1.

Created in late 2020, Classic Motorsport Hub aims to recreate historic racing seasons with a focus on authentic racing. Well mannered behavior on track as well as off-track, and, obviously, fun during the whole ordeal!

However, we obviously expect a certain standard of driving from our drivers, as there’s no fun in getting punted off every second turn.

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About rFactor

rFactor is a realistic easily extendable racing simulation from Image Space Incorporated. It offers the latest in vehicle and race customization, great graphics, outstanding multiplayer, and the height of racing realism.

rFactor features mixed class road racing with ultra realistic dynamics, an immersive sound environment and stunning graphics.

You can race against a field of AI cars, or in multi-player mode against others. The simulation supports a full day-night cycle. In multi-player mode, driver swaps are also supported, allowing you to run even full 24 hour endurance events.

Everything can be customized by the community, including adding new tracks and cars, and a wealth of add-ons are available online.

Classic Motorsport Hub is a league partner with SimRace247 – Sim racing network