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Sim Racing with 270 Degree Screen From Immersive Display Group

Check out this 270 degree sim racing setup from Immersive Display Group, when immersion is everything this may be one to keep an eye on.

In sim racing, immersion is a key factor to the enjoyment and interaction of racing, would a 270 degree display fit that bill? We know in sim racing that most users are using a T.V or monitor(s) for their setups.

The majority of console users will use a T.V, whilst PC users have a monitor(s). In this video by Karl Gosling, he has the privilege to be invited to a facility that specializes in immersive wrap around display screens in the U.K.

Whilst it is not the most conventional setup people would go for, it shows what can be achieved for the most ambitious of setups.

Immersive Display Group specializes in this field of expertise for displays and immersion. Whilst having other clients for immersive engagement, they recognize that sim racing is also another factor they can excel in.

Immersive Display Group official

The new ImmersaSim 270 provides a powerful yet portable display solution truly unique in the sim racing and flying sectors.

By offering an uninterrupted and distortion free view spanning 270 degrees horizontal, over twice that of most VR headsets, an unparalleled sense of realism may be experienced, where the virtual world is all encompassing.

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