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Women In Sim Racing Yvonne Van Den Berg Blog #24

Women In Sim Racing Yvonne Van Den Berg Blog #24

Women in sim racing continues with our weekly blogs here at Yvonne Van Den Berg brings us up to speed with blog #24.

Women in sim racing continues with all the events and races from Yvonne Van den Berg and her weekly blogs. We have enjoyed all the events and journey with Yvonne here at

Welcome to my twenty-fourth and birthday weekly blog !!

Sprint Cup
The Sim Grid Sprint Cup Round 3 at Bathurst, was on Thursday 05-08-2021. We knew it’s going to be a difficult race..
I love the mountains, but this mountain is a tough one!
I drove together with Alethea Boucq, Mark made a very good setup for us, which will be good in the rain or dry. Luckily it was dry! My practice before the race didn’t go well, I crashed a lot and was a little bit worried!

I was saying to myself and also to Alethea, a bad practice means a good race! It turns out, that was true!! Alethea started at P27, had a little incident in the second lap but drove very well an consistent with damage. I drove the second stint, for me it was all about to keep it out of the wall and drive safe.

Luckily I didn’t hit the wall and we ended up P16. Not a bad result and we have some points for the championship! The next race is on 26-08-2021 at Nürburgring.

Wavy World Tour
Theamusante Wavy World Tour Round 4, was Friday 06-08-2021,2 hours at Silverstone. I drove together with Sophie Aeronwen. We drove a solid race, one of our concurrent finished behind us! We ended up P5 in the race and didn’t had the pace to get a better result. Currently, we are fourth in the championship! Hopefully, we can keep up the good results, Friday the 03-09-2021 is the next race 90 minutes at Monza. Bernadette (Bentley) will be good and I’m really looking forward to it!

Pro League Racing
Round 5 of the World Tour, was 1 hour at Silverstone.
I had a really good setup. Practiced a lot to get some better and stable lap times. With Motec I could compare my laps and learn from it! I wasn’t feeling good but wanted to start the race because I was standing fourth in the championship, also in the pro class. Which was already a lot better, than I expected and I will give it all to get in the top 3 in the standings.

Unfortunately, I had one mistake, I almost lost Bernadette (Bentley) and if I didn’t go straight at Maggots and Becketts, then I crashed and took another driver with me. I slowed down, but I still got I drive through. I was on P4, after the drive through I was at P19. We had a mandatory pitstop with tire change, I did that after my DT and was at P29.

Luckily I had some space and could drive some quick laps. I ended at P11, not happy with it but it could be a lot worse. I’m now at P6 in the overall standings and P5 in the pro class standings. Next Monday 16-08-2021, is round 6 90 minutes at Spa Francorchamps. It’s going to be very wet and hopefully, I can sail to a good result!


Upcoming races:

11-08-2021: RDC “Wrong side of the car multiclass) 90minutes @ Barcelona on my birthday with Bernadette.
16-08-2021: Pro League Racing; World Tour S6 Round 6,
90 minutes @ Spa Francorchamps.


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