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Sim racing Veterans In iRacing Call On Max Verstappen For Help

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South African run iRacing team AIDCALL247/SUJEAN Racing has called on Max Verstappen for help in the Sebring 6 Hours. A privately hosted race on the service.

A trio of sim racing veterans in iRacing have entered a race but felt a very fast guy would be useful, and of course, the fastest guy on the planet’s name came up MAX VERSTAPPEN.

Mike Verrier team boss has teamed up with Steve McCarthy and Paul Velasco to contest the virtual race on Sunday, 15 August 2021.

So as you do, Max was flung an invite to join the team for the race, requiring only to do qualifying and the first stint on race day.

The team boss explained: “While our three-man team is capable of midfield consistent laps, we lack a proper number one and it was logical to ask Max for some help seeing F1 is on holiday and he is an all-around nice guy. And he can sim a bit too.”

Max Verstappen has proved his elite capability not only in Formula 1, but also in sim racing. The professionalism he has shown for Team Redline in iRacing has been top draw as you would expect.

Thus the invite was fired off for Max to join the team through the iRacings ‘MyTeam’ portal, should he agree to join the team he will be asked if he can fit qualifying and the first stint on his schedule next weekend.

Of course, having Verstappen would be a great honor for the team and the race itself, it is understood if time constraints won’t allow him to drive for AIDCALL247/SUJEAN Racing, there is a Plan-B.

Verrier explained: “Max is in the middle of a big F1 title battle in real life and maybe taking some downtime to recharge for a second half of the season, at the end of which he could be world champion. This is understandable.

Team Redline Profile

“Plan-B is then to invite another Max we know a lot about in sim racing… If that fails then Jos the Boss is our Plan-C, then we will be eligible for the Masters class. Plan-D,? No Plan-D!” added Mike.

The race has attracted just about every top name in South African sim racing with a host of young talent on display for what has become a regular series of individual iRacing based endurance events.

Joining the cream of SA sim racers are a host of international teams with a 30+ entry expected for the race.

This will be the third of four 6 hour endurance events, Sebring will be the venue for the next race on August 15th. All details are mentioned in the flyer below.

Sports & GT welcome all types of drivers as long as rules are obeyed. They understand that beginners are just as important as veterans and aliens. What are you waiting for, sign up, check them out, support, race and more.

Max here are the details if you wish to join.

To visit the Sports & GT page visit: Sports and GT | Facebook

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