Classic IndyCar Series Returns After Summer Break iRacing 08/08/21

Classic IndyCar Series Returns After Summer Break iRacing 08/08/21

Back to the racing action Classic IndyCar Series in iRacing returns after the summer break. Next up is Michigan International Speedway 08/08/21.

The Classic IndyCar Series in iRacing returns after a 6 week break, no doubt the drivers have been keeping sharp and frosty driving in other races. With the first half of the season aside, the series moves on to its next race.

Before we move onto the rest of the article, it has been a pleasure to promote this great league. We at are massive fans of many racing disciplines in motorsport and sim racing.

CIS has proved it is right up there with some of the best leagues and drivers in sim racing for entertainment and edge of the seat action down to the wire.

As usual CIS Founder and racer Robert Grosser has all the important details for the community in sim racing to check out, with live video feed of the event provided below.

“Classic Indycar Series is back after a 6 week summer break for the second half of the season. The famous Michigan International Speedway will host a 400-mile race on Sunday, August 8th. After an eventful first half of the season pretty much everything can happen. We wouldn’t be surprised to welcome a driver in victory lane, who hasn’t been there at least this season.

But first, let’s look back to some CIS history. The last time the series visited this Superspeedway was in 2016, back then as a 500-mile event. The series was mimicking the 1996 “U.S. 500” with the famous 3-wide start. Robert Grosser started from pole position, while Denis Garese took away the race win just 0.015 seconds ahead of Lucas Laville in what is still the closest finish in CIS history!

Those names sound familiar? Well, all those drivers are still on the CIS roster and ready to score good results again. Other drivers from the current roster, who entered the race 5 years before are Karsten Brodowy, Andrew Aitken and Mike Gerlica.

So what can we expect this time? First of all, a very competitive race! Randy Shewmake (Aero-X) will return to the series, after missing two races due to hardware issues. His teammate Andrew Aitken won at Motegi and you better keep an eye on him up front. Team Chimera with Josh Chin, Andrew Wood and Jamie Wilson wants to take their momentum from Richmond to Michigan.

Chin is currently 3rd in the points standings and he wants to close the gap to Ethan Agan (SRC) and Lucas Laville (Vortex SimRacing). Most recent race winner Jan Hoffmann (Vortex SimRacing) is highly motivated to score back to back race wins.

But there are at least another 5 to 10 drivers to keep on your list! This will be the second round of the oval triple crown with an extended time-limit of 2.5 hours, which should be enough to complete the scheduled 200 laps on this high banked super fast oval.

The series welcomes two new drivers, Alex Crawford and AJ Musselman. Both have joined the league during summer break and will add to the excitement on track.

None of the championship contenders can afford to put a foot wrong, since there are only 2 drop weeks all season long. Racespot TV will broadcast the race LIVE this Sunday, 18:00 GMT. Then one week later (August 15th, 18:00 GMT) you can watch the race on ESTV. Tune in and don’t miss the action!”

Tune into the race live right here

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