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Sim Racing Guides Episiode 6: The Rules Of Racing

In sim racing, we like to see useful, tips, guides, events and much more for the community to check out. Episode 6: The rules of racing.

So you like sim racing or want to get started, well, like most things it has its rules. If you wish to take sim racing seriously or vastly improve your track etiquette, you are going to need to know the rules.

For many sim racing is a fun and enjoyable past time with friends, communities and more. Many people are happy to fire up a sim, blast some laps and be done with it. However, if you are looking at racing as a competitive sport you are going to need to know how to discipline yourself.

This is when rules come into play, you can be the fastest person on track. But if you exceed track limits too many times as an example and you will get a penalty.

Thankfully, great people such as Scott Burkhart in the sim racing community are here to help with his sim racing guides. In this episode he delves into the rules of racing and how they affect you.

Scott goes onto mention “In this sim racing guide we’re looking at the rules of racing so you can race knowing exactly what you are and aren’t allowed to do! In this episode we’ll be going over the different flags and how you should adapt your driving to them. We’ll also look at track limits and how one game is not the same as the other and much more”.

Before even going onto track, Flags are a vital point of communication You MUST know them

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