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Live For Speed 18 years Later Bring On The Nostalgia

18 years down the road Live For Speed is still being mentioned in the sim racing community. For many, it is the foundation that kicked a lot of things off in the sim racing genre.

Mention Live For Speed in the sim racing community and many will smile, whilst it has become a title that has been overshadowed by other sims, it lives well in the memory for some. Before someone shouts from the rafters “its old” you may want to pause for a bit and realize this was groundbreaking in the innovation of the sim racing genre.

In this video by Nick Grabau he gets to grips with this classic title. Using the demo version, he discusses the history of the game, how it handles and why it was so popular before it was overshadowed.

Nick goes on to mention “We’re going right back in time and looking at Live for Speed (Demo Version)! LFS came out 18 years ago in 2003 and is still receiving minor updates today! I thought it would be good to have a look back at the origins of sim racing and how far we’ve come since then, and I was actually really impressed at the way this sim drove!”.

About Live For Speed

Live for Speed is a serious racing simulator. No arcade modes, no steering aids – YOU have to do the driving.

You can race alone, against the clock, or against the AI drivers. But for many people the real fun is to be found online, racing real people, in multiplayer mode. LFS makes it very easy for you to do so. Simply click “List of Hosts”, select a server that looks interesting and join instantly.

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