Jim Glickenhaus Insults Sim Racing

Not that I condone irresponsible actions but Jim Glickenhaus has overstepped the line with an insult to the sim racing community. Im sorry Jim but this is a bitter pill you will have to swallow.

Jim Glickenhaus has overstepped the mark by giving an insult to the sim racing community with his comment above. Whilst people are entitled to have an opinion on things. This was a clear and direct shot fired at sim racing.

The WEC Glickenhaus Hypercar owner expressed his feelings by loading one in the barrel and firing his mouth off. Whilst some have defended Jim by saying he is talking about another team not racing. He did not at any moment make it clear those were his intentions.

To clear things up in a way from sim racing media and its community as some may not understand, many deem sim racing as fake, not real in any of its forms. So you can see why the community reacted the way it did.

Whilst many high profile esports racers attend sim racing events and live motorsports racing events, we would never see this kind of action from respected racing teams. We know many of the Formula 1 teams and more have prided themselves on esports teams and encouraging people into motorsport.

We have seen countless people in sim racing go onto greater things in motorsport. To say what he has done is irresponsible, to say the least, it shows how out of touch he is with social media and the racing community. Professionalism is to be expected.

The SCG 007 Glickenhaus LMH Hypercar

Glickenhaus insults sim racing

We at simrace247.com pride ourselves on community support for sim racing and motorsport. From the big named stars to the newcomers simrace247.com is here to support its sim racing community. Not only have you aimed your comment at the community Jim, but also its media.

Following on with this we are now seeing multiple tweets being blocked by users responding to the comment Jim made. Most of the comments are genuine and non vulgar or threatening in any way. The actions to block many people and alienate a massive community in sim racing shows just how many sim racing fans enjoy motorsport and were baffled by Jim’s comment and relentless blocking.

Many times we have seen an outpouring of support for the motorsport community from those that enjoy sim racing. We are not just a group of kids that play video games. We are a swathe of people who like to compete against others and have a huge passion for many motorsport disciplines.

Not only that, who else would he have been aiming this point of view at. Some have said it was not sim racing related and aimed at another possible team, but let it be clear. If you wave a flag, those the flag is intended for will surely respond, this is exactly what has happened here. Below is communication with Glickenhaus and a leading producer in sim racing.

Genuine or avoiding the situation

Meanwhile, defensive excuses from some saying it was not aimed at sim racing are out of touch and fell at the wayside. Jim knew what he did, did he expect a response like this?, possibly not.

In the comment below he directs it to another possible team, Well Jim,  run your mouth and mention who it was then. You have already shown you like to brag so go ahead. Mention this other team if it was them!

Confirmation this was aimed at sim racing

Owner of beautiful cars but out of touch with reality

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