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Formula 1 media Block On IndyCar Sim Racing Event Lifted

It is with great pleasure to announce the block by Formula 1 on our website for an IndyCar live race has been lifted. The ban is no longer in place.

Yesterday we reported on a bizarre situation where Formula 1 media had put a block on our website for a sim racing IndyCar event in iRacing. This had affected the thousands of viewers who visit and denied them viewing the race via our website.

Along with that our great friends over at Lionheart Racing Series whose event was being shown, they also had a continuous media blackout of the event on their website. Jorge Anzaldo Founder of Lionheart was baffled by this as much as we were.

Speaking with Jorge yesterday, we both expressed our concern as to why an IndyCar event in Iracing warranted a block by Formula 1 media. This is the only time we have seen something like this.

After compiling an article yesterday, had expressed concern as to why this had affected those involved. We are pleased to say that the ban/block has been lifted on both and Lionheart Racing Series website.

We would like to thank those that took action on resolving the situation who applied the block. Myself and Jorge Anzaldo would like to praise the prompt response from Formula 1 media in amending this bizarre case.


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Darren Buckner

Darren Buckner

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