Grid Walk Lionheart Speedway Series Round 11 New Hampshire

With the Lionheart Speedway Series preparing for the race in iRacing, we have the privilege to have a more in depth look at the grid. Round 11 at New Hampshire is next up.

The Lionheart Speedway Series in iRacing is preparing for its next race at New Hampshire. With the series producing great racing throughout the whole field, you can expect another great race from the drivers.

But before the lights go out Justin Prince features his grid walk and build up to the big event. With in depth interviews from the drivers, analysis and more, tune in and check out this fantastic series.

The Lionheart Speedway Series Presented by The DMLC Racing Channel is ready to soar its way to iRacing’s virtual New Hampshire Motor Speedway for 175 miles.

Drivers will be taking part in the Espo Designs New Hampshire 175 Presented by DMLC Racing Channel on August 2 at the Magic Mile for the series’ 11th race of the campaign.

“I’m feeling pretty confident going into New Hampshire,” said Factory Backed driver Robert Maleczka III. “Unlike most flat tracks, it seems like you can have some solid side-by-side racing. I had success there in another league about a month ago. So going in I have some recent experience with passing and how the strategy works, so it’ll be nice.”

Tony Showen of Adrenaline Motorsports enters New Hampshire with a slim two-point advantage over Ascari Autosport’s Barrett Rolph in the championship standings. Alexis Newsome is third with an eight-point deficit to Showen.

Rolph said he is focused on winning, staying out of trouble and hopes luck falls his way when needed.

“Basically, it’s coming down to who can minimize mistakes and have consistent top five finishes,” said Showen. “Aside from Barrett and myself, there are a few other drivers in the mix and it will take just one bad finish down the stretch to hand the points lead over to one of them.”

Maleczka III and Rolph estimate that drivers will be able to go 47 to 50 laps on fuel at New Hampshire. Both drivers expect the strategy to be fluid however. Competitors can lose up to two laps by pitting under green.

“It seems every race this season has had a fuel strategy that became a factor, and will probably play out again this week,” said Showen.

Rolph said he is expecting the race to be one of the tougher ones this season. He explained he has spent the past week learning the nuances of the track to find some speed. Rolph said he expects passing to be pretty difficult, but thinks that should also make it exciting for everyone.

“It’s a tough track for sure,” said Rolph. “Both ends are slightly different from one another so it’s like it’s constantly throwing a curveball at you with how quickly one corner ends and the next begins.”

New Hampshire is not one of Showen’s best tracks. He said he needs to keep out of trouble and put himself in position at the end of the race to have a good finishing result. Showen said he expects starts and restarts to be important as a result of the difficulty of passes.

“Unlike Milwaukee, passing will be a bit easier. Still difficult, but there seems to be a decent option of whether wanting to run the middle or up high. The big thing with passing will be patience,” said Maleczka III. “You won’t be able to make a pass in one corner. You’ll have to really work it for a lap or two. Not to mention that when you have two cars side by side they will lose a minimum of three-four tenths a lap. So you’ll probably see little packs of cars early in the runs until everyone gets spread out a bit.”

The major challenge for everyone will be patience on the exit of the corners, according to Maleczka III. He said the Dallara DW12 can be tight on corner exit. The three-time race winner also expects drivers to need to be careful when coming in and out of the pits.

“You have to be easy on the throttle until you get to the backstretch,” said Maleczka III. “If someone spins on pit exit it could really throw a curveball for everyone with strategy.”

Maleczka III said he spends a majority of his practice sessions on qualifying pace because of the importance of track position. He said he would be happy with a top five run at New Hampshire. Maleczka III hopes to not be involved in an incident.

“With how these short track races go you’ll have to work your way through traffic at some point unless you get really lucky,” said Maleczka III. “It will probably have a green flag feel to it. I’m expecting some long green flag runs.”

Rolph said he hopes to survive so he can aim for a good finishing result.

Showen’s goal is to finish on the podium. He has not finished inside the top three since the ButtKicker Phoenix 175 Presented by Karnox on May 10.

“I’m going to work on qualifying,” said Shown. “With the difficulty of passing being high, having a great qualifying starting position will help eliminate the passing problem.”

Coverage starts at 10:35 p.m. ET on RaceSpot TV.

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