Attention All Media Outlets Formula 1 Media Flexing In A Bad Way

It has come to light that Formula 1 media has blocked an IndyCar iRacing event at Silverstone here at Confused? well, you may want to read on.

I would like to make the point on this very clear straight away and hit it off the bat, the official Formula 1 media has blocked viewing for an IndyCar Event at Silverstone in iRacing here on

Let that sink in for a minute, because the wise and sensible amongst you will read that and ask “why?” Let’s break it down from how I see this. Apparently, Formula 1 owns Silverstone and does not want any media outlet reporting on it.

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I would like to make a point that thousands of people attend to view weekly and are partnered with some great leagues in sim racing as well as a great community.

Our League Partner Lionheart Racing Series who is backed by massive companies such as HyperX, and their events shown live on Racespot TV has been denied by the illegitimate people at Formula 1 media to be shown on our website.

Here is a picture snippet of that article

I’m sorry there is no excuse that will suffice from Formula 1, we do not want the usual “read section A from an issues paragraph” and hope it is ok… it’s not.

You have denied a media outlet for sim racing the right to show a live feed for an IndyCar sim racing event at Silverstone.

Do You think a Sim Racing website is a threat to your selfish actions?  You have blocked a live feed on an IndyCar race at SilverStone in Sim racing.

The reality of it to start with is as follows

  • Formula 1 does not own Silverstone
  • ranks 2nd in sim racing news on google search thanks to our extensive and committed work. Formula 1 sees the headline “Silverstone”
  • Formula 1 does not have the right to block content on a media platform that is not F1 related
  • Formula 1 is not IndyCar
  • Formula 1 feels threatened by anyone that beats them to the jump on a big story
  • Formula 1 has denied media outlets from exposure to an event non related to F1

It was not a coincidence

The picture above was a snippet of a flyer for the upcoming event last week, you may look at that and think it was a one off…it gets worse. Even the grid walk report for the build up of the race was unavailable.

In an extensive build up to the race, our grid walk reporter Justin Prince had also compiled an article interviewing the drivers for the race, along with that the feed for the INDYCAR race.

Here is a snippet of that article

Does this also mean that if any content creators that make or stream races about F1 games will have their content removed or banned? I didn’t think so, the truth is Formula 1 thinks it can rule a roost when the stark reality is it does not even know what it is doing anymore. It is an embarrassment to the Formula 1 media to block an IndyCar sim racing event on a sim racing network.

Here is a cup of coffee for the blatant foolery and person who decided to do this, you can have this cup for free, you are going to need plenty more.

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