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To Rain Or Not To Rain, That Is The Question in Sim racing

To Rain Or Not To Rain, That Is The Question in Sim racing

To rain or not to rain, that is the question. Sim racing is a genre that appeals to many. There may become a point where different opinions may come into play.

In this article, the topic is rain in sim racing. We know sim racing is a popular genre in the gaming community, many play against just A.I, where some do nothing but multiplayer racing. Many people factor their own lives around what they wish to do (they are allowed to do that).

So recently we had seen a video by GamerMuscleVideos talking about rain in sim racing, whilst this should be seen as his own opinion (he is entitled to that) he discusses rain in sim racing. I shall not go too deep into it as he has many points he expresses. However, provided here is that video.

On the flip side to that random callsign gives his own opinion on why he thinks GamerMuscleVideos is wrong. Again giving his own opinions and why he thinks differently. Everyone will have their own differing opinions, that’s life, but this is also what can make people stronger and more united.

So what is your opinion in the sim racing community, do you agree, disagree or have your own complete outlook that differs from those above. All in all gaming developers to an extent will create what they wish to make. Sure to a degree they will listen to the community, but ultimately a game should have its own stamp of representation. If you do not like it, go play something else, it’s that simple.

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