IRG World Formula 2021 Hungaroring GP rFactor 2 01/08/21

IRG Formula 2021 rFactor 2

IRG World Formula 2021 continues in rFactor 2. This great racing league provides edge of the seat racing action. Tune in to the next event at the Hungaroring on 01/08/21.

IRG World continues its top class racing in rFactor 2, the IRG Formula 2021 series has shown some great racing throughout the season. this time the series visits the Hungaroring for another great race ready to unfold. Tune into this racing series via the MotoGamesTV links provided.

As usual, the team at IRG World like to give a build up to the race weekend and event.

The fastest racing series in the world this time moves to the sunny capital of Hungary – Budapest, at the nearby Hungaroring circuit. This technical facility was built in the time of the deep communes in the 1980s, among others. thanks to a certain Hungarian – Thomas Rahonya, who cooperating in the organization of, inter alia, Brazilian GP with a certain Bernie Eccleston, persuaded the then manager of the color F1 Circus to perform for the so-called “Iron curtain”.

Bernie, without thinking for a long time, concluded a contract with the Hungarian authorities and already 9 months later, on August 10, 1986, the first Hungarian Formula 1 GP was played at Hungaroring, designed by Istvan Papp. Despite the fact that the ticket prices were astronomical for those times (the cheapest tickets cost the equivalent of several months of the average salary of a Madziar resident.

IRG Formula 2021 rFactor 2

The inaugural round and the win of Nelson Piquet was watched by over 200,000 local fans, which was an undisputed popularity record until the Australian GP in 1995 in Adelaide. Hungaroring is located on the numerous hills surrounding the capital of Hungary, Budapest, thanks to which almost 80% of the track’s thread is visible to the fans from the stands (including the special “Kubica Grandstand” stand created in 2009).

Hungaroring consists of 14 turns (7 to the left and 7 to the right) and the narrow technical thread of the track winds continuously for 4381 m from turn to turn, and theoretically only a short S / M straight with a DRS zone offers any possibility of overtaking. “Racing procession” – this is officially called this facility, but paradoxically, it is here that we have seen the most fierce duels between the contenders for the main title.

A key turn on the track – T14, the last right long turn that opens the way to the start-finish straight. It is very important to have a proper line of passage and good traction at the exit so that you can use the full power of the propulsion unit as soon as possible. The more “impatient” players shoot the so-called “Spinning top” or in extreme situations they end up in a gang (it gets especially dangerous here after rain).

IRG Formula 2021 rFactor 2

Other important turns on the track are:

Turn 2 – long turn to the left (on the second DRS zone), where most often after the start there are “scuffles” between the drivers, on wet asphalt the turn is very understeering (especially outside the dry track).

Turn 4 – fast left corner starting the second sector, usually passed “at once”. An overly optimistic entry may result in a too wide exit onto the outer grater, on which it is easy to turn the car and land in the fence. It was here in 2009, in the corner approach, in qualifying, the Brazilian Felipe Massa was hit by a helmet fired from under the car of his compatriot Rubens Barrichello with an 800-gram spring and, stunned, he hit the tire crowd with full force, which then had to pause until end of season.

Turn 11 – right quick corner to finish second sector, driven at high speed in 5/6th gear. Similarly to the aforementioned turn 4, many competitors go quite wide here on the grater, which is very treacherous (especially in wet conditions).

As you can see, when traveling around Hungaroring, drivers cannot complain about boredom – a large number of fast, technical turns resembles a roller coaster ride, which is largely liked by most fans and players who, in order to overtake their opponent, have to show a lot of fantasy and skill in winding sections of the track. The fight for position and the fight for survival (tires) will be the brick attractions in this race!

There was also no shortage of emotions during the last round of our sim racing season of IRG Advance Formula 2021 at the British Silverstone track, where the weather was good and the competitors fought many exciting duels creating a successful spectacle, the replay of which can be seen at this link:

Whoever finds the right recipe for this unique track and who has a note of happiness will be able to celebrate a good result on Sunday evening.

In the general classification

Paweł Mrówka is in the lead with a safe advantage – 248 points; Wojciech Klimek was invariably in second place – 200 points, followed by Łukasz Ladmann – 162 points.
Team in the lead without changes: Infinity Racing Team – 305 points, second place DS Speed ​​SimRacing Team – 251 points, and third place Old Bones – 201 points. Full classifications:

The participants of the sim racing series of IRG Advance Formula 2021 are slowly getting ready for the Sunday competition, both during ‘free training’ and short checking ‘mini-races’.

Detailed statistics can be found here:

Hot lap classification:
Stint classification (10 laps):

The IRG World league administration encourages all players to train on the league servers (IRG_F2021 # 1, IRG_F2021 # 2) as well as participate in the Saturday test race to check the settings, strategies and the possibility of obtaining a starting license (for new participants).

The key to success on the Hungarian track, apart from flawless driving, will also be concentration and skilful care of the tires. We will find out who can handle this task best next Sunday. It promises to be another interesting spectacle – we wish all participants of our virtual series that the focus behind the wheel and the tires will last as long as possible, and we invite fans to watch live coverage on the MotoGamesTv channel at 21:00:

Thanks to the Restream service

The broadcast will also be available on our new channels: IRG Twitch, IRG DLive.
The media partners of the event are: MotoGamesTv, SpeedZonePL,, Simrace247
We encourage everyone to visit our social networks, e.g. FB, where you can always share a comment and like, which will not take much time, and for us it will be an expression of your support for our activity 🙂

Race stats:

Tor: Hungaroring
Długość pętli: 4381 m
Dystans wyścigu: FL + 70 okrążeń
Liczba zakrętów: 14 (7 w prawo, 7 w lewo)
Szerokość toru: 10 – 15 m
Liczba dohamowań: 11 (5 mocniejszych)
Najdłuższa prosta: 788 m
Dystans z PP do T1: 610 m
Najkrótszy zakręt: 20 m
Najdłuższy zakręt: 400 m
Różnica poziomów: 34,7 m (T3 – 204,2 mnpm – 238,9 mnpm – S/M)
Maksymalna prędkość: ~320 km/h (dohamowanie do T1)
Średnia prędkość: ~230 km/h
Kluczowy zakręt: T14
Największe przeciążenie: ~4.2 G (T4)
Pełny gaz: ~57% okrążenia
Mieszanki dedykowane: miękka/ średnia / twarda
Zużycie opon: wysokie (duża degradacja termiczna)
Zużycie hamulców: wysokie
Poziom chłodzenia: wysoki
Poziom docisku: wysoki
Zużycie paliwa: ~1,57 kg/okr.
Wpływ obciążenia paliwem: ~0,27 s/10 kg
Przewidywana liczba pit-stopów: 1 / 2
Długość pit-lane: 375 m
Przejazd prze pit-lane: 21,3 s
Ilość zmian biegów: ~54/okr.

Race Weekend:
Sunday – UTC+1 time of the schedule (21:00 in Warsaw, Berlin)
20:00 Practice session
21:00 Qualify 1 (15 minutes)
21:15 Qualify 2 (10 minutes)
21:30 Warmup (5-10 minutes)
21:35 (21:40) Official race
23:00 Weekend finish
UTC+1 time of the schedule

More info:

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