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The Fanatec Podium DD1 F1 Wheel Playstation

The Fanatec DD1 wheelbase is a premium piece of hardware. Not only that, the Fanatec F1 Podium Racing wheel is the only compatible DD wheel in the Playstation ecosystem.

We know Fanatec makes great sim racing hardware, but how does the DD1 F1 edition perform on the Playstation consoles?. Thankfully great people in the sim racing community are here to provide results, tests and more.

In this video by Hydra Tech we see how the Fanatec DD1 F1 edition performs on the PlayStation consoles. Starting out, we see the aesthetics, features and more before getting to grips how it performs.

A great video and talk through you must admit for those that are interested in purchasing or looking at new ideas for a setup.

To view more Fanatec products visit: Fanatec

About Fanatec

After going public in 2006 the company was restructured and newly aligned. The Fanatec® brand is since fully focused on markets for virtual racing (SimRacing) and now offer a wide variety of products for this market segment like steering wheels, high quality pedals, shifters, cockpits and much more. All of these products are available in Europe, North America, and since 2012 also in Australia and Japan. Since the combination of advanced technology, features and quality is the basis for Endor’s past success, it will continue to define it in the future years as well.

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Darren Buckner

Darren Buckner

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