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Are You A Gamer? Prepare To Be Judged

Are you a gamer? Do you sit in a cave or RGB circus room? How about pizza and energy drinks? Check my Merch, Frag Out and more.

So what is a gamer? well, you are about to find some of the typical stereotypes. Remember the days (and still) of what people perceived as a typical gamer?

Go back to the ’80s and 90’s (and to this day) and if you said you played video games most people thought you were either.

  • Lazy
  • A loner with no real friends
  • A hermit
  • Disconnected from your family
  • Uneducated
  • Spent all your money in arcades or gaming gear
  • All of the above and probably more

This was our sanctuary, do you know why? Because we are a group of people that all like to game

Well, the truth of that is, gaming was our escape from society where we could be in our own world and enjoy (sorry parents, wives, girlfriends, husbands, etc) but it’s true.

It is our “reading a book” moment the “painting a picture, watching a movie, 5000 episodes of friends”, so why is it ok for people to do those creative or immersive things and not be criticized like gamers are?

The biggest part of that is those that stereotype have probably never played a video game, been to an arcade, or never really took time to think about it or even integrate. (It’s like your parents or partner saying ” come and watch this movie, you will hate it” you have no interest in it)

Instead, people cast judgment on gamers, sure the pizza eating greasy controller person is out there, just like the energy drink consuming “omg this is lit, check my merch” gamer. But we are all different just like everyone in society.

I know many people that game, they were (and still) are highly educated, competitive, friendly, and humorous. Some are actual athletes that compete at the highest levels of competitive esports.

Sure we miss the grand old days of Arcades and comics (do you know every time i think about that, the lost boys film springs to mind). So if you are a gamer, carry on enjoy, have fun.

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Darren Buckner

Darren Buckner

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