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Samuel Reiman Sim Racing Blog #3

Samuel Reiman continues with his sim racing blogs here at Keeping the community up to date with his events in sim racing. Blog #3

We have seen Samuel Reiman taking part in iRacing and other motorsport events. His passion for racing whether it be sim racing or real world motorsport is fantastic.  Taking part in the iRacing Lionheart Series has been a journey racing against some of the best sim racers out there.

Here in Blog #3, we get an insight into recent events.

Usually, during an iRacing fixed-setup series event, the setup provided to the drivers is tight, stable, and easy to race with. That could not have been further from the case during Wednesday night’s Buttkicker 200 at the Milwaukee Mile.

The event marked round number 10 of the 2021 Lionheart IndyCar Series, and all 26 entrants had been warned beforehand that the setup was sketchy. The field consists of top-tier sim racers, however, and we were able to make it through 50 of the 200 laps caution-free. Eventually, the yellow did fly, and then again a few laps later on the restart, but that was it, and we then went green to the end.

The problem with the setup was that it had been designed to handle well in the long-run, and so it was loose on cold tires on restarts. On iRacing, you are allowed to make a few handling adjustments to the Dallara iR18, one of which is with the Weight Jacker.

The Weight Jacker ranges from -20 to +20. The lower you set it, the tighter the car is. The higher you set it, the looser the car is. I think the entire field had it set at -20 at the race start, and yet still we all felt as if we were drifting into the first corner.

I had difficulty running with the car so loose and spent the early part of my runs just logging laps at the back off the pack, until about 10-15 laps in when I could dial the Weight Jacker up to -12 and start to run down some cars that had already burned the new of their tires.

This approach helped me get to the end of the race where I placed 14th in the 26-car field.

Unfortunately, due to work commitments, it looks like I will not be able to make the next few Lionheart IndyCar Series races, but I intend to be back for the second Triple Crown race of the season at Michigan in September.

The full race from Milwaukee can be watched on Racespot TV here


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Darren Buckner

Darren Buckner

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