IRG World Formula 2021 rFactor 2 British Grand Prix 18/07/21

IRG World continues with its fantastic racing in rFactor 2. The IRG Formula 2021 revs up for the British Grand Prix this weekend 18/07/21

IRG World continues with its great IRG Formula 2021 car in rFactor 2, this weekend they head to Silverstone for the British Grand Prix. A top class series hosted by a very good league and shown live on MotoGamesTV. As usual, IRG likes to give a race weekend build up with all the details and information. Tune in and check this series out, or even sign up to race.

The Grand and Great British Grand Prix 

This weekend, the fastest racing series of single-seater vehicles will visit the birthplace of British motorsport at the legendary Silverstone circuit.  A place well known to everyone who has even touched motorsports at least once. One of the oldest race tracks in the world where all kinds of motorsport competitions are raced.

Silverstone was established in 1947 around the former RAF military air base, after several modernizations in its present shape is a 5891 m long and consists of 18 turns. Driving on Silverstone, every driver will find something interesting.

There are slow corners here, T4 “The Loop” and the combination T6 – T7 “Luffield” where exit traction is important. There are fast bends like T1 “Abbey” or T9 “Copse” where good aerodynamic balance is important (when following closely the preceding car it is easy to fall outside the track).

Finally, we have the famous combination of turns “Maggots”, “Becketts” and “Chapel”, which is the essence of the engineers’ search for a stable car setup. Drivers with weaker downforce may see their chances in the DRS zones on the “Wellington Straight” and “Hangar Straight”.

Virtually every part of the track creates an opportunity for interesting duels and bold overtaking maneuvers. One could mention here many unforgettable rivalries, both from the old days and the present – this is where the legends of players such as Nigel Mansell and Lewis Hamilton were born.

IRG World Formula 2021
One of the key turns on the Silverstone track is turn No. 7 “Luffield”, a double right, where good traction is important both on entry and exit, after which the competitors for more than 20 seconds go along the old start straight with gas in the floor up to the famous “Maggots”, “Becketts” -and”Chapel” curve combination you can gain (and lose more) a lot of time here.

A large number of quick curves and the new surface strongly affect the tires, which are subjected to extreme overloads (mainly lateral). The right choice of mixtures and the strategy of long trips have a measurable impact on the final result. To all, this should be added, as always, unpredictable English weather, which can surprise players and team strategists at any time. All this makes the fans eagerly visit the British birthplace of racing to celebrate the national automotive holiday together in a picnic atmosphere.

IRG World Formula 2021 As you can see, an interesting but flat like an airport 😉 the legendary loop of the English track can certainly provide a lot of excitement for both drivers and fans. Now it’s time for the participants of the IRG World sim racing series to write their legend this Sunday.

After a fierce duel at the Red Bull Ring, the report of which can be seen here: in the general classification, Paweł Mrówka strengthens the lead – 213 points, ahead of the audience’s favorite Wojtek Klimek – 185 points. and Łukasz Ladmann – 162 points.
Team in the lead without changes: Infinity Racing Team – 290 points, second place DS Speed ​​SimRacing Team – 216 points, and the third one Old Bones – 167 points. Full classifications:

IRG World Formula 2021

The participants of the sim racing series of IRG Advance Formula 2021 are slowly getting ready for the Sunday competition, both during ‘free training’ and short checking ‘mini-races’

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Race stats

Track: Silverstone
Loop length: 5891 m
Race distance: FL + 52 laps
Number of bends: 18 (10 right, 8 right)
Straight number: 6
Longest Straight: 789 m
Level difference: 11.3 m
Maximum speed: ~ 330 km / h
Average speed: ~ 246 km / h
Key turn: T7 – Luffield
Full throttle: ~ 66% of lap
Dedicated mixtures: soft / medium / hard
Cooling level: medium
Pressure level: medium / high
Fuel consumption: ~ 2.5 kg / annum.
Estimated number of pit stops: 1/2
Drive on pit lane: approx. 21 sec

Race Weekend:
Sunday – UTC+1 time of the schedule (21:00 in Warsaw, Berlin)
20:00 Practice session
21:00 Qualify 1 (15 minutes)
21:15 Qualify 2 (10 minutes)
21:30 Warmup (5-10 minutes)
21:35 (21:40) Official race
23:00 Weekend finish
UTC+1 time of the schedule

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