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Sim Racing Guides Episode 4 Car Selection

In sim racing, we like to see useful, tips, guides, events and much more for the community to check out. Episode 4: Car selection.

Have you ever wondered in sim racing how the different car types can affect your driving style? Once again Scott Burkhart returns with his sim racing guides. Many factors come into play when selecting a car to drive or race.

Many will go with fan favorites or popular vehicles, but hold up a minute….this may not suit your driving style. Selecting a car through popularity or quickest on the leaderboard may not work for you.

Picture this, you select Car A because it is a fast and proven vehicle on the leaderboard or race wins. You get into it, drive and think “well, I thought I would be quicker”.

One thing many racers in sim racing do not take into account is “is this vehicle right for you”? Does the driving style characteristics of the car suit your needs and expectations? Does a car with ABS work for you?

Al these key factors and more are explained in this video. Scott goes on to mention ” In this sim racing guide we’ll take a look at how the car you drive will affect your driving style!

Different cars require you to adapt the way you drive with them. Think about how much horsepower or weight you have to drag along for example but there is much more!

The engine placement, at the front the rear, or middle can have a huge impact on weight transfer. Meanwhile, the drive axis will dictate how late you can brake and how the car will react to your throttle inputs!

Either way, whether a car is all-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or front-wheel drive, after this video you’ll know the car’s handling without even sitting behind the wheel!”.

So much choice, but what car is best for you and your driving style?

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