How Much Money Does Sim Racing Content Make?

The road to 1000 sim racing subscribers and earning some money on youtube is a goal for many. Here we see exactly what it takes and your financial return.

We know that for many, reaching 1000 subscribers on youtube and making money is a goal. Some will get to 1000 in a flash, whilst others put a lot of hours, thought and creativity into their content and never get noticed.

What is the financial return once you get to 1000 subscribers? Here in this video by Doughtinator, he goes into how much he makes once he hit that 1000. Showing analytical evidence of views and revenue, we see if it is worth it, and for the future, can it be a sustainable source of income?

Whilst some people have made a good living (so far) from making sim racing content, we have to ask the questions.

  • Can you maintain
  • Do you pay your taxes
  • Are you happy with what you are doing
  • Are rival creators taking your views
  • At what point do you think you will burn out and walk away

Whilst most will look at the above and laugh, it is something to really consider. There will be a point where one of the above will cross your mind, whether you admit it….it will.

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