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England Win A Shootout at Goodwood FOS 2021

England Win A Shootout at Goodwood FOS 2021

With the word “shootout” in England being a word to look away from on the weekend. Another fine event took place where England won the shootout.

Yes, a shootout in England and one to not look away from, Goodwood Festival Of Speed. After a year away due to covid, the festival returned in 2021. For anyone that watched it, a fine 4 day event hosted by the Duke of Richmond took place in Chichester, England.

Now to lift the spirits of the English, Lotus (I think stole the show), as well as McLaren,  who won the shootout time trial final. But Firstly before I mention them, it was a fine event presented and showcased with many manufactures of cars, motorcycles, planes and even flying jetpack pilots.

The Lotus Emira (Left) & The mighty Lotus Evija

With Lotus announcing the last of the ICE (Internal combustion Engine) cars, the Emira was a show stopper from the Norfolk based Manufacturer. Sitting beside it, was the Mighty Evija. A fully electric hypercar with 2000hp and looks to make Colin Chapman throw his hat in the air.

As many may think, there were some crashes and incidents with vehicles. Yes, seeing a beautiful racecar smashed up is a bad thing. But for me, as mad as this may sound, I would rather see a racecar being driven in anger (as intended) than be sitting in a garage doing nothing.

Massive Nascar crash at Goodwood FoS 2021


Moving on to the shootout, we had seen David and Goliath cars tackle the hill. The monstrous Sauber C9 Mercedes rumbled the hill, whilst the mini 1275 GT proved it is no small joke. The HKS Nissan GT-R R 32 Skyline (AKA Godzilla) stunned many people by taking the top spot for some time against other cars you may have thought to be far superior.

With 2 cars remaining, and the fastest in quali, many thought the ever chirpy Travis Pastrana was going to be favorite. But England and McLaren had other plans. The McLaren 720S GT3X was a jaw dropping vehicle, a real statement from McLaren.

King of the Hill 2021 The McLaren 720S GT3X

This was a 720s GT3 car pumped up to the max. With Rob Bell at the wheel, he gave an outstanding and inch perfect run. For now, he was top and Travis knew the pressure was on with his modified Subaru WRX STI. Travis had been setting the quickest times on the warm up sessions prior to the main event. He knew Rob Bell had laid down a real marker in the final, the pressure was on.

Travis Pastrana and his modified Subaru WRX STI

The best of the hillclimb shootout

2021 Festival of Speed Timed Shootout results

  1. Rob Bell – McLaren 720S GT3X – 45.01
  2. Travis Pastrana – Subaru WRX STI – 46.20
  3. Jeremy Smith – Spice-Cosworth SE88 – 47.16
  4. Harry King – Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (992) – 47.65
  5. Jake Hill – Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 (HKS) – 48.96
  6. Ales Jirasek – Praga R1 – 51.38
  7. Anthony Reid – Ford Escort Cosworth – 51.62
  8. Kenny Acheson – Sauber-Mercedes C9 – 52.27
  9. Ric Wood – Holden Commodore – 53.13
  10. Rory Butcher – Toyota Corolla BTCC – 53.89
  11. Julian Thomas – Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 – 54.08
  12. Sam Hancock – BMW M1 Procar – 54.34
  13. Matthew Wilson – Ford Puma Hybrid Rally 1 – 54.55
  14. Richard Westbrook – Ford Mustang Mach-E 1400 – 54.85
  15. Ian Gwynne – Ford Fiesta Pikes Peak – 54.96
  16. Mark Jones – Renault Laguna – 56.51
  17. Nick Swift – Mini 1275 GT – 56.62
  18. Emanuele Pirro – Ferrari 250 GT SWB ‘Breadvan’ – 58.63
  19. Geraint Owen – Kurtis Kraft-Offenhauser – 59.10
  20. Duncan Pittaway – Cheetah-Chevrolet – 60.08
  21. Ewen Sergison – Shadow DN1 – 60.93
  22. Matthew Holme – BMW 320 STW – 61.23
  23. Ken Clarke – Rover SD1 Vitesse (HEPOLITE) – 61.80
  24. Paul Swift – Ford Mustang Mach-E GT – 61.91
  25. Tom Andrew – Alfa Romeo 155 – 62.94
  26. Ian Simmonds – Tyrrell-Cosworth 012 – 63.20
  27. James Wood – Alfa Romeo P3 (Tipo B) – 65.27
  28. Patrick Blakeney-Edwards – Frazer Nash Shelsley Single S – 66.55
  29. Alexander Boswell – Delage Bequet – 67.91
  30. Grant Williams – Jaguar Mk2 – 68.43
  31. Ben Collings – Benz 200HP Blitzen Benz – 69.02
  32. Sally Mason-Styrron – Ferrari 166 MM Barchetta – 80.95
  33. Robert Blakemoe – Aston Martin Ulster – 89.87
  34. George Wingard – Mercedes 60hp – 96.65
  35. Jack Tetley – Chevrolet Camaro – DNF 

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