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Ride 4 Phillip Island Australia On A Wet Track

Here we see a great race in Ride 4 at Phillip Island Australia on a wet track. Let’s see how it looks and turns out.

Riding the Kawasaki KZ 1000R at Phillip Island in Ride 4, we see captain flat spot take to the wet track for a race. Ride 4 is a game that has its own unique style of gameplay and graphics. Whilst it is not MotoGP, a lot of fun can still be had with great variations of motorcycles.

We know Phillip Island is a fantastic and technical track (just look out for the seagulls if you have ever been). This track has fantastic elevations, cambers, blind corners, a real gem of a track. With that being said, let’s see how the Captain gets on.

About Ride 4

Are you ready to live the best gaming experience that a motorcycle fan can get?
RIDE 4 will spark your competitive soul with hundreds of bikes, dozens of tracks and a whole new level of realism.


Choose among hundreds of officially licensed bikes and ride on dozens of tracks all around the world, carefully designed with an extraordinary level of detail! Every asset has been created starting from CAD data, laser and 3D scanning to achieve precision down to the smallest detail and let you enjoy the best two-wheel racing experience ever.


Jump into an amazing and dynamic adventure that interacts with your decisions and choose your own path from the regional events up to the professional leagues. Show your riding skills through challenging races, ability tests, track days and a huge set of events. You could even become an official tester for the most celebrated manufacturers!


RIDE 4 features a fully dynamic weather conditions system and a complete day/night cycle. Experience the race in a new light and prove you are the best rider in any condition. And for the first time, the “Endurance” mode will put your tenacity to the test, with animated pit-stops and long lasting races: prepare to face a world where strategy is the ultimate ingredient of your success!


Darren Buckner

Darren Buckner

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