Sim Racing Guides: Episode 3 Stop Spinning

In sim racing, we like to see useful, tips, guides, events and much more for the community to check out. Episode 3: Stop Spinning.

We know when you get into a car in sim racing, at some point you are going to spin. Everyone does it, noobs, veterans, champions and more. So if you are new and feel you cannot get to grips with a car, fear not spinning happens to all of us. However, the variations of why you are spinning come in many forms and factors.

It could be cold tyres, track conditions, to much throttle or even not knowing how to handle the characteristics of a particular car. In this great sim racing guide series, Scott Burkhart gives us all the details of why this happens and how you can improve on or avoid these situations.

Scott goes on to mention “Today I’m sharing a few tips for you to understand the basics of throttle application in racecars. Understeer and oversteer are an inevitability when racing cars but hopefully, after today’s video you’ll be able to ditch traction control and will keep spin out’s to a minimum!”.

With most things, there is a reason. This is why great tips and guides are very useful. Why did this spin happen?

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