IRG World V8 Supercars Final Round Sydney 11/07/21

IRG World continues with its fantastic racing in rFactor 2. The V8 Supercars power on to the final round at  Sydney Motorsport Park this weekend 11/07/21

With a great season from IRG World and the V8 supercars in rFactor 2. The season comes to the final race with what can only be explained as a top class series hosted by a very good league and shown live on MotoGamesTV. has been an important factor in media coverage with IRG World, promoting events for the V8 and Formula 2021 series. We would like to thank all the drivers and those involved at IRG World for your support, and may it continue. Back to the event and as mentioned the V8 supercar season finale is drawing near, as usual, IRG likes to give a race weekend build up.

Eastern Creek
Sydney Motorsport Park

Located 40 km west of Sydney, the track with the name Eastern Creek International Raceway known since 2012 is a very fast and smooth facility. The very first corner, which by turning very gently to the left encourages you to ride on the limit, is a good time to have fun. Further, it is also interesting, there are turns, turns hidden behind the hill and a tightening last turn leading to the S / M straight.

An interesting fact is that the racetrack is located near the Western Sydney International Dragway, which is a facility intended for professional races on a distance of 1/4 mile, the so-called “dragsters”. And although our drivers can also burn rubber at the start, we do not wish their tires to suffer so much in the upcoming final races.

The first Superbike event on the track near Sydney was in July 1990. The first competition for 4-wheeled vehicles was in November this year, it was the Nissan Sydney 500 race, an endurance competition for A-class tourist cars. A total of 4 different tracks of the track provide the opportunity to conduct a variety of competitions.

Due to the fact that the upcoming weekend with V8 Supercars cars will be the last one of the season, we will take a closer look at the leaderboards. The fight for first place and the title of the IRG V8 Supercars Champion is still open, my brother ran away on 59 points. Tony 3D is behind him, and the title will be decided between these players. The third Roman is already over 100 points behind and he doesn’t even have a mathematical chance of winning. Nobody is taking away his chance to fight for the second position.

The situation of the 4th Sync, i.e. Tomasz Bartkiewicz, is similar. Equal to 100 points behind Roman takes a chance for him to think about the podium. As a team, Old Bones have already secured the title of the best team of the season. The advantage of 188 points is enough to defend this position even without appearing on the track, but we know that they both fight for points individually and will appear in the last races.

We hope that we will see each of the drivers active in V8, after all, in a more modest company you can also have a lot of fun, which was emphasized strongly after the double victory on the Manfeild track by Łukasz “Bidon” Krawczuk. Tony3D and brother also had their own 5 minutes fighting side to side for a few turns.

Tony defended the position with his style, sweeping from right to left, but his brother patiently waited until he saw the spot and successfully launched the attack without unnecessary jerking and turning his opponent. There was a deep exhalation in his cabin of relief from overtaking Tony.

We invite all drivers to train, and those who fight for high positions, as well as those for whom driving alone in a cheerful and good company, is a sufficient reward for the hardships of preparation. Driving our V8 Supercars is pure adrenaline, from start to finish – we wish you all good luck and successful races.

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Race Weekend:
Sunday – UTC+1 time of the schedule (21:00 in Warsaw, Berlin)
20:00 Practice session
21:00 Qualify 1 (10 minutes) (6 laps)
21:10 Warmup (5-10 minutes)
21:15 (21:20) Race 1 (40 minutes)

22:00 Qualify 2 (10 minutes) (6 laps)
22:10 Warmup (5-10 minutes)
22:15 (21:20) Race 2 (40 minutes)
23:00 Weekend finish

UTC+1 time of the schedule

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