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Lionheart IndyCar Series Indy 500 Race Report

The Indy 500 was recently held in the Lionheart IndyCar Series. A pinnacle event on the calendar that is rich with history, how did it all turn out?

We all know as race fans the Indy 500 is a very prestigious and popular racing event, Lionheart IndyCar Series recently held its very own Indy 500 in iRacing. The IndyCar series is a fierce battleground filled with high caliber drivers and profiled racers.

The prize of winning the Indy 500 (championship title aside) is the greatest of victories any IndyCar driver could hope to win. Here we have our full race report by Justin Prince.

Blocker makes history, wins second HyperX Indianapolis 500

For the second time in his Lionheart Racing Series career, Adam Blocker has won the HyperX Indianapolis 500.

The Adrenaline Powerslide driver won the triple crown race by more than two seconds. Blocker has become the second driver to win the race twice in its history. He is also the second polesitter to ever win the Lionheart IndyCar Series Presented by ButtKicker event.

Connor Harrington, Henry Bennett, Andrew Kinsella and Tyler Graaf rounded out the top five.

“It feels pretty good,” said Blocker from HyperX Victory Lane. “Just a big relief that no cautions or anything like that shook anything up in the last stints. I knew I had a shot with how important track position was.”

Harrington said he lost the race in his opinion on the final pit stop of the race. Blocker had gained more than a second down the lane and some additional time coming down the access road.

“It’s always good to get a podium,” said Harrington. “Traffic just didn’t work out great for us. Kind of a bummer. I think we would have had a chance at the end of the race if Blocker didn’t get all the breaks in the traffic. We’ll take the second place points and move on.”

The race started with a quick caution in the first turn when Bryan Carey got loose in front of the field. The fifth place starting Dallara IR-18 snapped right across the track and into the outside wall coming out of the corner, collecting Mike Rigney, Ken Hacker, Chris Stofer and several others.

After the caution, Blocker spent much of the first half of the race saving fuel behind Sage Karam, who had his computer crash before the starting grid for the race. Karam ran in front of Blocker during the first green flag stint as a result.

“I just decided to let him lead,” said Blocker. “There was no point in really fighting him. I was going to use him to save fuel off of and I was doing that. It was working pretty good.”

The next caution period struck on Lap 94 when Damon Martinez crashed out of Turn 4, slamming the outside wall and immediately breaking his suspension and front wing. Parts were sent flying across the track as several cars, including Blocker, had to dodge them down the front straightaway.

Fuel numbers became a talking point for some drivers until Lap 115, when Jay Brant hit the wall coming off of Turn 2. The Synergy Motorsports Black machine bounced off the wall into the inside tire barrier, immediately smashing his car. Brant was sent sliding back across the track. Cars were able to dodge the wreckage as Brant came to a stop down the backstretch.

Overall, 15 of the 35 entries finished on the lead lap.

Next, the Lionheart IndyCar Series and its drivers will take part in the ButtKicker 200 at the Milwaukee Mile. Coverage starts at 10:35 p.m. ET on RaceSpot TV and ESTV on July 14th.

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