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Classic IndyCar Series Richmond Raceway Race Report

The Classic IndyCar Series in iRacing rolled onto round 6 at Richmond Raceway recently. This high speed track requires 101% concentration at all times. Here is your race report.

Continuing with the iRacing series, Robert Grosser Founder of the Classic Indycar series, racer and reporter has all of the race details to bring you up to speed on the event. We have seen the CIS produce some great races this season.

How did the race at Richmond Raceway favor the drivers who are in contention for the championship?. Richmond Raceway is a fast lap, with no braking involved and every bit of precision and concentration is needed for this high speed duel.

Classic IndyCar Series Official Report By Robert Grosser

Richmond Raceway hosted the 6th round of the 2021 Classic Indycar Series, the “ Indy Challenge”. Joshua Chin (Team Chimera) started from pole position and took over the lead early on. The first caution came out on Lap 33. Many drivers went to pits for fresh fuel and rubber, but some stayed out. The strategy came already into play. Chin defended his lead all the time at that stage.

Drivers struggled mainly out of T2, where we saw quite some spins, At the half-way-point of the race, Chin was still in the lead and the running order behind got shaken up a bit by a total of 4 cautions at that point. Now it was all about strategy. Chin pitted under green, which cost him two laps. However, everyone else still had to pit as well. Another caution however put the running order upside down. Jan Hoffmann (Vortex SimRacing) was able to pit under yellow.

This caution came at an interesting point, as it was just a bit too early to make it to the finish without saving some fuel. Hoffmann took that gamble, however. Caleb Weekley (Iconic Motorsports) was now in the lead and he was clearly aiming to score his maiden win in CIS. With only 40 laps to go the unthinkable happened, when Weekley spun out of turn 2 as well, causing the sixth and final caution of the day.

All fuel saving efforts became irrelevant now and it was “race on” to the chequered. Josh Baird (Iconic Motorsports) stayed out on old tires, which gave him the lead. Josh Chin was running in a tandem with his teammate Andrew Wood, and they were recovering nicely from their green-flag pit stop. It was however Jan Hoffmann, who took over the lead and was able to build a 14-seconds gap over Wood/Chin till the chequered flag came out.

Hoffmann scored his maiden win in CIS and was pretty excited about this achievement! Championship leader Lucas Laville’s (Vortex SimRacing) race got influenced by a car contact which was not his fault, but the pit stop for repairs took him out of contention. He finished P8 only. Second in points Ethan Agan (SRC) did what he had to do by finishing 4th. Marshall Stanley (Vortex SimRacing) completed the TOP5, which kept him 4th in the points standings. Overall the points battle up front got more intense after this race and an exciting second half of the season lies ahead of us.


Race Position Finish & Championship Standings

If you missed the race, you have the chance to see all the action this Sunday (July 4th) at 18:00 GMT on ESTV!”
After a summer break, the season will resume on August 8th with Round 7 from Michigan International Speedway!

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