Women in sim racing continues with our weekly blogs here at simrace247.com. Yvonne Van Den Berg brings us up to speed with blog #18.

Back with her weekly blog for women in sim racing, Yvonne Van den Berg is racking up the miles in sim racing with events, success and more. Here we hear from Yvonne for blog #18, Enjoy.

Welcome to my eighteenth weekly blog!!

Theamusante Wavy World Tour
Last Friday 25-06-2021, was the first race from the Wavy World Tour. It was 90 min at Suzuka.
I drive the new series for GTWR R8G Female Racing, together with Sarah Johnson. At Suzuka, we drove a lot and didn’t need to do a lot of practice, which was good because I didn’t have much time for it. We started P11, I was a bit stuck in the first stint and decided to pit early, swap drivers and Sarah gets in the car. She drove well, had to keep Mark behind, drove it on the edge and unfortunately we got a drive trough because of the track limits. I drove a longer last stint, which was fast and consistent, we ended up P7 and with a DT, a very good result!
The next race is on Friday 10-07-2021, for 2 hours at Imola.

GRG eSports 4 hours of Misano
Sophie Aeronwen and I drove the 4 hours at Misano last Saturday the 26-06-2021.
We started from P2 and ended up place 2!!
With the start a lost some position, because of another starting procedure that I didn’t know about it. I drove more then 100 races and never had a different start till this race.
With the good strategy, 2 stops in 4 hours! We still ended up P2! Pretty happy about the result and I enjoyed the race!

Qualifying event for The Sim Grid Sprint Cup Season 4
Alethea Boucq and I drove the qualifying event for the sprint cup. It was a tough one, the Ferrari at Imola.
We both manage good times after a lot of practice and we ended up in Split 3, for The Sim Grid Sprint Cup Season 4!
I’m really proud of Alethea because she is working very hard and making progress! Well done!!

RCI Diamond Drive Cup
Today 30-06-2021, it’s time for the final round of RCI Diamond Drive Cup, 90 min at Monza. Bernadette (Bentley), is very good. I practiced the last two days and I have a good pace at Monza. The only thing is, yesterday I got my second vaccine and don’t feel very good.. If I want to have a chance of the championship, I need to drive the Pole Position, win the race and the fastest lap. Then the number one and two needs to be out of the podium. I know I have the pace to win the race, but I will give it all!
Currently, I’m standing third in the championship, during this season I had two bad races (game crash and a crash in the race), the rest I was on the podium. Hopefully, I can win this race! Fingers crossed…

The Sim Grid Anniversary Party
On Thursday 01-07-2021, I drive The Sim Grid Anniversary Party. It’s 90min at Suzuka, with 100 drivers in a server.
50 GT3’s and 50 GT4’s, I’m driving with the Bentley in Split 2.
Congrats to The Sim Grid, they organize very nice championships and I really enjoy driving it!!
Keep up the good work!!


Upcoming races:

30-06-2021 : RCI Diamond Drive Cup Round 6 @ Monza
01-07-2021: The Sim Grid Anniversary Party 90 [email protected] Suzuka
03-07-2021: The Sim Grid Endurance Cup S3 Round 4 9H @ Paul Ricard
05-07-2021: The Sim Grid More Female Racers Final Round @ Nürburgring

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