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IRG World Formula 2021 continues in rFactor 2. This great racing league provides edge of the seat racing action. Tune in to the next event at the Red Bull Ring on 04/07/21.

IRG World returns with their Formula 2021 race car for the Austrian GP in rFactor 2. Tune in live to the event this weekend via the MotoGamesTV links provided, or even join. We have seen some great races so far in the Formula 2021 season. As usual, IRG World likes to give an introduction and build up to the race weekend.

The fastest sim racing series of IRG World, the IRG Advance Formula 2021 this Sunday will visit the Austrian track of the Red Bull team, located in a picturesque valley of mountainous Styria.

The Red Bull Ring made its debut in 1969 , and from 1970 it began to regularly host Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix races. The first winner was Jacky Ickx, a Belgian Ferrari driver who has recorded his results in the history of broader motorsport. He was twice F1 runner-up, won the Formula 2 championship and won the prestigious 24-hour Le Mans race 6 times, and in ’83 he was the winner of the Paris-Dakar rally.

irg world formula 2021 rFactor 2

The name of the Austrian track has changed along with its owners and its characteristics have also changed. The original Österreichring was a classic high-speed track with high-speed corners, which was deemed not very safe quite early (even by contemporary standards). After ’78, Austrian fans had to say goodbye to F1 again for a while the first race was held in 1964 at at Zeltweg track, it was due to safety reasons, despite the high popularity of the round, was thrown from the calendar by the FIA.

In 1995, the name of the facility was changed to A-1 Ring, and Herman Tilke himself undertook the breakneck task of modernization and adaptation to the strict FIA standards. The track layout has been drastically shortened and the turns have been rebuilt in such a way as to reduce the maximum speed of the cars while maintaining a high pace of the entire lap. In this arrangement, the track hosted the F1 series for 6 years (1997-2003).
Another change took place thanks to Dietrich Mateschitz, an Austrian lover of automotive, aviation and carbonated drinks (privately a billionaire and owner of the Red Bull brand). After a € 70m investment and a slight facelift, the track returned to the F1 calendar in 2014 under the new name of the Red Bull Ring, where the Austrian Grand Prix is now held every year.

irg world formula 2021 rFactor 2

The current line of the Red Bull track is only 4318 m long and consists of approx. 10 turns (in fact, there are 9 of them) – it is quite a strenuous round and the engine power comes in handy here. Contrary to, for example, Paul Ricard, there is rather one line on the Austrian track, while slight differences may appear in the car settings and the tactics chosen for the race. The aforementioned short loop results in extremely small differences in lap times, which makes the competition in qualifying very fierce.

Considering the tight turns connected by the four lanes, the engineers in the setup look for a compromise between traction in turns and speed on the straights. By using lower pressure, you can achieve higher maximum speeds on the straights, which will increase the chances of an effective attack / defense in a duel with an opponent, while by “adding wings” you can achieve better times of single laps. Some of the most interesting points on the track are:

  • Turn 1 “Castrol Edge” – a quick right turn uphill. There is always a lot going on here after the start, and with worn-out tires, getting into that 90-degree corner is quite a challenge;
  • Turn 2 (3) “Remus” – another tight right corner in the long straight with the DRS zone with the strongest braking point. It’s very easy to lose the grip of the rear axle at the exit (especially on a non-rubber track), and it’s a great place to attack your opponent – this is the corner where Rico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton’s fateful skirmish took place on the last lap. the 2016 race;
  • Turns Nos. 8-9 (10) “Rindt”, “Red Bull Mobile” – not an easy ending lap two right turns leading down. It’s easy to make a mistake here and go outside the track separated by wurst-like curbs, which is traditionally complained by most drivers during a racing weekend.

irg world formula 2021 rFactor 2

As you can see, the short but concise loop of the Austrian track can provide a lot of emotions for both drivers and fans. Now it’s time for the players who will soon stand on the starting fields to fight for more points in the competition for the title of the champion of our sim racing series IRG Advance Formula 2021.

Our competitors also experienced great emotions during the previous race on the Canadian track named after Gilles Villeneuve.
In the general classification, Paweł Mrówka strengthens the lead – 178 points, ahead of the audience’s favorite Wojciech Klimek – 157 points. and Łukasz Ladmann – 138 points
Team in the lead without changes: Infinity Racing Team – 241 points, DS Speed ​​SimRacing Team jumps to second place – 181 points, and Rapid Racing drops to third – 157 points.

Full classifications:

The participants of the sim racing series of IRG Advance Formula 2021 are slowly getting ready for the Sunday competition, both during ‘free training’ and short checking ‘mini races.

Detailed statistics can be found here:

The IRG World league administration encourages all players to train on the league servers (IRG_F2021 # 1, IRG_F2021 # 2) as well as participate in the Saturday test race to check the settings, strategies and the possibility of obtaining a starting license (for new participants).

Live Coverage:

How will the competition on the fast track in Austria go, who will win at the start, who will be lucky, will it rain? You will be able to find out all this next Sunday at 21:00, watching the live coverage on the MotoGamesTV channel, which we invite you to today:

Thanks to the Restream service, the broadcast will also be available to see on our new channels: IRG Twitch and IRG DLive
The media partners of the event are: MotoGamesTv, SpeedZonePL,, Simrace247.

Race stats:

Track: Red Bull Ring
Loop length: 4318 m
Race Distance: FL + 71 Laps
Number of bends: 10 (7 right, 3 right)
Number of brakes: 6 (3 strong)
Number of straight lines: 4
Longest Straight: 867 m
Distance from PP to T1: ~ 300 m
The difference in levels: 63.4 m (start – 721 meters above sea level, T3 – 785 meters above sea level)
DRS zones: 3 (T1-T3, T3-T4, T10-T1)
Maximum speed: ~ 325-330 km / h (braking to T3)
Average speed: ~ 247 km / h
Speed ​​in T1: ~ 145 km / h
Speed ​​in T3: ~ 75 km / h
Key turn: T10
The greatest overload: ~ 5G (T9)
Full throttle: ~ 75% lap
Number of gear changes: Wed 44 / lnd
Dedicated mixtures: soft / medium / hard
Press force: medium
Tire wear: moderate
Brake wear: high
Engine wear: high
Fuel consumption: ~ 1.55 – 1.60 kg / annum.
Influence of fuel load: ~ 0.2 s / 10 kg (average in the season ~ 0.28 s / 10 kg)
Estimated number of pit stops: 1/2
Length of the pit lane: 363.2 m (average in the season ~ 370 m)
Drive on pit lane: ~ 21 sec.

More data and characteristics of the Red Bull Ring track:

Race Weekend:
Sunday – UTC+1 time of the schedule (21:00 in Warsaw, Berlin)
20:00 Practice session
21:00 Qualify 1 (15 minutes)
21:15 Qualify 2 (10 minutes)
21:30 Warmup (5-10 minutes)
21:35 (21:40) Official race
23:00 Weekend finish
UTC+1 time of the schedule

Pre race limit:
40 laps or 10-lap stint on league serves.

League servers:
IRG_F2021#1 (league, open 24/7)
IRG_F2021#2 (public, open 24/7)

More info:

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Race against a field of AI cars, or in multi-player mode against others. rFactor 2 supports a full day-night cycle as well as dynamically varying weather conditions such as rain which dynamically builds into puddles. Tracks feature “real-road” technology that changes the grip as more cars drive on it. You can run full 24 hour endurance events and in multi-player mode, driver swaps are also supported. Everything can be customized by the community, including adding new tracks and cars, and a wealth of add-ons are available on-line.Working with several partners, rFactor 2 has been used in hundreds of esport championships all over the world – in particular McLaren’s World’s Fastest Gamer and Formula E.

rFactor 2 is also an evolving product, which will be updated and added to for many years, so the list of features will expand!

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