The Difference Between Formula 1 Car And Nascar

So what is the difference between a Formula 1 car and a Nascar? apart from the obvious, we see a great insight into the driving styles and more.

Two cars that could not be further apart from each other, Formula 1 and Nascar sit at different ends of the spectrum. However, what are the differences in driving these equally great machines? we know there are many fans out there that like both these types of vehicles.

In this video by Outlaw Sim Racing, he takes both cars to the red bull ring for a lap comparison. The racing sims of choice are iRacing and F1 2020. We know the obvious differences of the cars, but what if we see an F1 car at an oval? Memories come back to when the F1 cars raced at Indianapolis GP when the tyres at the time would explode due to the banking.

Formula 1 Nascar

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One of the other big time-based rule differences between Formula 1 and NASCAR is how much time actually matters. NASCAR doesn’t have an official clock, so the race is run until all of the laps have been completed. However, Formula 1 is sometimes called after two hours, regardless of how many laps have been finished.