In sim racing, we like to see useful, tips, guides, events and much more for the community to check out. Episode 2: Late Braking.

We know in sim racing there is many aspects that need to be taken into account, here we see in episode 2 the benefits of late braking and how to perfect it. Now to many later braking may be a toss up between making the corner, or seeing the gravel trap.

However, when calculated and performed properly, later braking can have massive benefits to your lap times, efficiency, pace and making those important passes against your competitors. In the next installment of videos in a series brought to you by Scott Burkhart, we see how we can perfect the art of late braking and why it is essential to your racing etiquette.

Scott goes on to mention “In the second episode of the sim racing guide we’ll be looking into refining our braking technique. Step by step we’ll gradually work towards finding the best way to brake and finding those crucial meters to beat the competition. Important factors such as weight transfer and the right driving line will be looked into. From straight line breaking to threshold braking and trail braking after this video, you’ll have the tools at hand to brake as late as possible into the corners”.

Late braking can be the difference between a pass or carnage

Late braking

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