Sim Racing Guides: Episode 1 Finding The Ideal Line

In sim racing, we like to see the community come together with support, tip, guides, events and much more. Episode 1: Finding the ideal line.

With that being said the sim racing community is vibrant, great leagues, mods, racers and groups are thriving. Creators of content are growing and the attendance to sim racing events whether they are participating or viewing is growing.

This moves on to a great subject of new crowds flocking to the sim racing scene, whilst some will take to it no problem, others may need a few insights into how to improve their skills or just brush off the dust. You see that’s the great thing about sim racing, it appeals to so many. Cruisers, drifters, racers, and more, you name it there is a crowd for you. Jaguars owners club yep, Ferrari only club…yep etc.

With the introduction aside we get back to brushing up on skills or welcoming newcomers to the scene. Scott Burkhart introduces the beginning of a new series of guides he is working on. Kicking off with episode one is learning how to find the ideal racing line.

Scott goes on to mention “In this first episode of the sim racing guide we’ll be looking at how to find the ideal racing line. By looking at different techniques and showing off how to make them happen we can give you all the tools you will need to place the car most efficiently on the racetrack. No more use of a virtual racing line from today onwards you’re the one in control! In this episode, we’ll take a look at the geometrical racing line, the late apex, how to square off your racing line and so much more!”

In sim racing, it’s not only a battle against opponents but also domination of the racing line

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