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Women In Sim Racing Yvonne Van Den Berg Blog #16

Women in sim racing continues with Yvonne Van Den Berg and her weekly blogs. In blog #16 we see eventful races coming up and more.

Welcome to my sixteenth weekly blog!!

The Sim Grid Endurance Cup Round 3
The third round of The Sim Grid Endurance Cup was on 12-06-2021 at Laguna Seca.
I drove together with Alethea Boucq, Sarah Johnson couldn’t make it, unfortunately.
My qualifying was difficult, it was very busy at the track at the end of all my laps, it’s a short track and hard to do a lap where there is no traffic. I ended up P23, it could be worse. My start and first stint were very good. Alethea drove a good second stint and I drove the last stint. We ended up P13! It was a good step forwards and hopefully, we can go for a top 10 in the next race on Paul Ricard.

Monster Energy Suzuka 24 Hours by BUSR in Support of Special Effect
This weekend 19-06-2021 and 20-06-2021, we are driving the 24h at Suzuka. GTWR R8G Female Racing is ready for it! I’m driving together with Alethea Boucq, Sophie Aeronwen, Sarah Johnson.

Special Effect
It’s a charity organization that helps people with disabilities.
They provide special technology, advice and support.
They support the use of video games for therapy, self-esteem, and rehabilitation. You can find more information on their website;
It’s really nice what they do by giving everyone an opportunity to play video games, by themselves or together with friends!

Maybe some of you already know, that I have a disability.
I had some trouble with the throttle and brake pedals because I cannot feel my feet and my feet were sliding off the pedals. Then Nate (from RCI) asked Heusinkveld if they have special pedal plates for my Heusinkveld Sprint.
They send me a special pedal and now my feet cannot fall or slide off anymore! It helps me a lot, especially to drive more consistently during a race! I’m thankful to both of them and really happy with this solution!!
I’m using a second screen to see what I’m doing with my pedals, I have a hub where I can see all the input.
With every input I give on my pedals, I look at my screen above to see what I’m doing. In the beginning, this was tough and a challenge, but with a lot of practice, it’s now part of my driving style. I tied to use hand pedals for throttle and braking, I’m very slow with it and decided to stay with my pedals. To be honest, I also like a challenge!

Upcoming races:

16-06-2021: RCI Diamond Drive Cup Round 5 @ Laguna Seca
19-06-2021: Monster Energy Suzuka 24 Hours by BUSR in Support of Special Effect!
19-06-2021: Qualifying 4h at Misano (for the race on 26-06-2021)
21-06-2021: The Sim Grid More Female Racers Round 5 @ Brands Hatch

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