Worlds Fastest Gamer Goes Undercover

The world’s fastest gamer goes undercover to receive sim racing tuition. This is a very eye opening video that has to be seen.

If you know your sim racing, you would have heard of the world’s fastest gamer aka James baldwin. A fantastic racer who carved his way to the top and proved a point that still lives in the great memories of the sim racing world and motorsport. For those who do not know who James is…..welcome to sim racing. Getting back to the video we see James go undercover as a novice sim racer who approaches Coach Dave Academy for tuition. Not that he needs any tuition at all, but provides how he would be treated with the growing popularity of sim racing tuition.

From sim racer to GT3 driver James Baldwin

F1 driver hires a pro-gamer as a REAL LIFE GT3 driver! Meet James Baldwin, Worlds Fastest Gamer - YouTube

In 2019, his success in sim racing resulted in an invitation to Season 2 of World’s Fastest Gamer (WFG), a twelve-day intensive competition between sim racers from multiple platforms. Baldwin went on to win the event and was awarded a $1 million sponsorship for a full racing season. He was the first WFG graduate to receive backing for a real-world drive.

On 5 March 2020, Baldwin was announced as a driver for Jenson Team Rocket RJN, partnering team co-owner Chris Buncombe in a McLaren 720S GT3 in the GT World Challenge Europe Endurance Cup. Due to travel difficulties brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, this was later amended to a full-season entry in the 2020 British GT Championship alongside Michael O’Brien.

Baldwin reached national headlines by winning on debut at Oulton Park. The pair went on to take three further podiums and three pole positions, finishing fourth in the overall championship and third in the Silver Cup.

Baldwin dominated the 2021 British GT Esports Championship, with three wins from five races.

On 29 April 2021, Baldwin was announced as a BRDC Rising Star.

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